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English English - Definition of fallacy 
n. untruth, falsehood; misconception; mistake; illusion, delusion
Spanish English To Spanish - fallacy 
s. falacia, cosa falsa, falencia, sofisma
French English To French - fallacy 
n. erreur, fausse supposition, illusion
German English To German - fallacy 
n. Trugschluß; irrige Ansicht; Irrtum; Täuschung
Italian English To Italian - fallacy 
s. credenza errata; falso ragionamento, fallacia, inganno, falsità; (Filos) sofisma
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fallacy 
s. falácia, sofisma; logro, fraude; engano; ilusão
Russian English To Russian - fallacy 
с. ошибка, заблуждение, обманчивость, софизм, ложный вывод
Turkish English To Turkish - fallacy 
i. yanlış inanış, safsata, mantıksızlık, yanlış
Albanian English To Albanian - fallacy 
n. gabim, ide e gabuar, falsitet
Dutch English To Dutch - fallacy 
zn. denkfout, drogreden; illusie
Greek English To Greek - fallacy 
ουσ. απάτη, σφαλερότης, σφαλερότητα, πλάνη, σόφισμα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fallacy 
(名) 谬误; 谬见; 谬论
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fallacy 
(名) 謬誤; 謬見; 謬論
Japanese English To Japanese - fallacy 
(名) 誤った考え; 誤った推理; 虚偽
Korean English To Korean - fallacy 
명. 그릇된 생각, 잘못; 오류; 기만, 허위
noun: a misconception resulting from incorrect reasoning


 Synonyms for fallacy
deviation from truth: inconsistency, delusion, deceit, evasion, quibble, quibbling

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