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English Italian To English - fama 
n. fame, renown, kudos, repute, reputation, rumour, report
English Portuguese To English - fama 
n. celebrity, fame; glory, honor; repute, renown; reputation; success; name
English Spanish To English - fama 
n. fame, reputation, renown; kudos, glory; fashion
Dutch German To Dutch - fama 
French German To French - fama 
n. réputation (f)
Russian German To Russian - fama 
n. слух (f), молва (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - fama 
n. fama (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - fama 
i. söylenti (f), rivayet (f), dedikodu (f), tevatür (f)
French Italian To French - fama 
1. (generale) éminence (f); renom (m); réputation (f)
2. (celebrità) renom (m); renommée (f); réputation (f)
German Italian To German - fama 
n. berühmtheit, reputation, geruch, ruf, klang, leumund, ruhm, name, gerücht, ansehen
French Portuguese To French - fama 
1. (geral) gloire (f); lauriers (fp); réputation (f)
2. (renome) renom (m); renommée (f); réputation (f)
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - fama 
n. 聲譽 (sheng1 yu4), 譽 (yu4)
French Spanish To French - fama 
1. (general) éminence (f); renom (m); gloire (f); lauriers (fp); réputation (f)
2. (renombre) renom (m); renommée (f); réputation (f)
German Spanish To German - fama 
n. ruf, ruhm, berühmtheit, leumund, gerücht, geruch, fama, ansehen, name, fleischerei, metzgerei
Korean Spanish To Korean - fama 
n. 명성, 평판
Russian Spanish To Russian - fama 
n. слава, репутация


 Synonyms for fama
1. nome: nomea, stima, reputazione, nominanza, memoria, suono, nomina
2. notorietà: credito, popolarità, rinomanza
3. celebrità: gloria,
4. grido:

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