Definition of fame Pronunciation
1. What is said or reported; gossip, rumour.
2. One's reputation.
3. The state of being famous or well-known and spoken of.
4. To make (someone or something) famous.
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English - English - fame Pronunciation
n. notoriety, renown, "name", good reputation
adj. reputed, famed
n. hunger, starvation
English - Spanish - fame Pronunciation
s. fama, mentas, nombradía, notoriedad, popularidad, prestigio, renombre, reputación
English - French - fame Pronunciation
n. gloire; reconnaissance; renommée
English - German - fame Pronunciation
n. Ruhm; Name; Ruf, Reputation
English - Italian - fame Pronunciation
s. fama, celebrità, gloria, rinomanza; reputazione; (rar) notizia, voce
English - Portuguese - fame Pronunciation
s. fama, renome, celebridade, reputação
English - Russian - fame Pronunciation
с. слава, известность, репутация, молва
English - Turkish - fame Pronunciation
i. şöhret, ün, ad, nam, söylenti, rivayet, şan
Italian - English - fame Pronunciation
n. hunger, starvation
English - Dutch - fame Pronunciation
zn. roem, vermaardheid, goede naam, naam, reputatie, faam
English - Greek - fame Pronunciation
ουσ. κλέος, φήμη
Italian - French - fame Pronunciation
1. (generale) famine (f); disette (f)
2. (sensazione fisica) faim (f)
Italian - German - fame Pronunciation
n. hunger, hungern, magenknurren
English - Chinese - fame Pronunciation
(名) 名望, 传说
English - Chinese - fame Pronunciation
(名) 名望, 傳說
English - Japanese - fame Pronunciation
(名) 名声; 評判
English - Korean - fame Pronunciation
명. 명성, 인기, 고명

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Synonyms for fame
1. reputation: rumour, repute, notoriety, opinion, hearsay
2. celebrity: distinction, eclat, consensus, esteem, rep, eminence, estimation
Verb forms for fame
Present participle: faming
Present: fame (3.person: fames)
Past: famed
Future: will fame
Present conditional: would fame
Present Perfect: have famed (3.person: has famed)
Past Perfect: had famed
Future Perfect: will have famed
Past conditional: would have famed