English - Definiton of famed Pronunciation
adj. renowned, famous, well-known
English - Spanish - famed Pronunciation
adj. famoso, afamado, célebre, insigne, mentado, nombrado, renombrado
English - French - famed Pronunciation
adj. célèbre, connu
English - German - famed Pronunciation
adj. berühmt, bekannt
English - Italian - famed Pronunciation
agg. famoso, celebre
English - Portuguese - famed Pronunciation
adj. famoso, conhecido
English - Russian - famed Pronunciation
прил. прославленный, известный, знаменитый
English - Turkish - famed Pronunciation
s. ünlü, meşhur, tanınmış
English - Albanian - famed Pronunciation
adj. famshëm: i famshëm, njohur: i njohur, emër: me emër
English - Dutch - famed Pronunciation
bn. beroemd, bekend
English - Greek - famed Pronunciation
επίθ. ονομαστός, περίφημος, φημισμένος
English - Chinese - famed Pronunciation
(形) 著名的, 闻名的
English - Chinese - famed Pronunciation
(形) 著名的, 聞名的
English - Japanese - famed Pronunciation
(形) 有名な
English - Korean - famed Pronunciation
형. 유명하게 하는
adjective: widely known and esteemed Example:A famed scientist.
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Synonyms for famed
famous: glorious, noted, renowned, celebrated, notable, distinguished, eminent