Definition of farraginous Pronunciation
1. Random, miscellaneous, indiscriminate.
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English - English - farraginous Pronunciation
adj. formed of different materials; disordered; jumbled
English - German - farraginous Pronunciation
kunterbunt, gemischt
English - Indonesian - farraginous Pronunciation
a. bermacam-macam, serbaneka
English - Italian - farraginous Pronunciation
agg. farraginoso, confusionario, sconclusionato, caotico
English - Portuguese - farraginous Pronunciation
adj. variado, diverso, misto, misturado, heterogéneo, embaralhado
English - Russian - farraginous Pronunciation
прил. смешанный, сборный
English - Dutch - farraginous Pronunciation
bn. gemaakt van verschillend materiaal; ongeordend; gemengd
English - Chinese - farraginous Pronunciation
adj. 混合的 (hun4 he2 de5), 混杂的 (hun4 za2 de5), 遝 (ta4)
English - Chinese - farraginous Pronunciation
adj. 混合的 (hun4 he2 de5), 混雜的 (hun4 za2 de5), 遝 (ta4)
English - Hindi - farraginous Pronunciation
a. मिला हुआ, मिलावटी, मिश्रित, चुना हुआ
English - Korean - farraginous Pronunciation
형. 긁어 모은
English - Vietnamese - farraginous Pronunciation
a. xào bần

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