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English English - Definition of fastback 
n. car with an arched back made from one piece
n. fastback, car with an arched back made from one piece
Spanish English To Spanish - fastback 
s. coche de forma aerodinámica
French English To French - fastback 
n. voiture dont le dos est convexe fait d'un seul bloc
German English To German - fastback 
n. (Wagen mit) Fließheck
Italian English To Italian - fastback 
s. auto con tetto ricurvo
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fastback 
s. carro cujas costas se formaram a partira de uma só lâmina
Russian English To Russian - fastback 
автомобиль с плавно спускающейся к заднему бамперу крышей; гоночная лодка с плавно изогнутой кормой; фастбэк
Turkish English To Turkish - fastback 
i. aerodinamik spor araba, yağsız bir cins domuz
English Dutch To English - fastback 
n. fastback, car with an arched back made from one piece
Dutch English To Dutch - fastback 
zn. auto wiens achterzijde bol is en uit een stuk gemaakt
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fastback 
(名) 长坡度的车顶; 有长坡度车顶的汽车
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fastback 
(名) 長坡度的車頂; 有長坡度車頂的汽車
Japanese English To Japanese - fastback 
(名) ファーストバック; ファーストバックの自動車


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