Definition of fatalistically Pronunciation
1. In a fatalistic manner.
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English - English - fatalistically Pronunciation
adv. in a fatalistic manner, from a fatalistic point of view
English - Spanish - fatalistically Pronunciation
adv. fatalísticamente, en forma fatalística
English - French - fatalistically Pronunciation
adv. fatalisme, croyance selon laquelle tout est écrit à l'avance
English - German - fatalistically Pronunciation
adv. auf fatale Weise
English - Italian - fatalistically Pronunciation
avv. fatalisticamente (nel fatalismo, credendo che tutto è prescritto nel cielo)
English - Portuguese - fatalistically Pronunciation
adv. de forma fatalista (com fatalismo, fé que tudo foi predeterminado)
English - Dutch - fatalistically Pronunciation
bw. fatalistisch (volgens het geloof dat alles van te voren beslist is)
English - Japanese - fatalistically Pronunciation
(副) 宿命的に, 運命的に; 宿命論的に, 運命論的に; 宿命論者のように
English - Korean - fatalistically Pronunciation
부. 운명론적인, 숙명론적인

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