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English English - Definition of fatten 
v. become fat, put on weight; make fat
n. dandy, man excessively concerned with his clothes and appearance
Spanish English To Spanish - fatten 
v. engordar, cebar, sainar; engordarse
French English To French - fatten 
v. engraisser, rendre gras, gaver
German English To German - fatten 
v. herausfüttern, mästen
Italian English To Italian - fatten 
v. ingrassare; concimare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fatten 
v. engordar, nutrir
Russian English To Russian - fatten 
г. откармливать, жиреть, толстеть; нагуливать, удобрять
Turkish English To Turkish - fatten 
f. yağlandırmak, besiye çekmek, şişmanlatmak, semirtmek, gübrelemek, yağlanmak, yaşlanmak, yağ bağlamak, şişmanlamak, semirmek, tombullaşmak
Albanian English To Albanian - fatten 
v. ushqej për majmëri, majm, pasuroj tokën
Dutch English To Dutch - fatten 
ww. dik worden; dik maken; (vet)mesten
Greek English To Greek - fatten 
ρήμ. παχαίνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fatten 
(动) 养肥; 使肥沃; 长肥; 变肥沃
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fatten 
(動) 養肥; 使肥沃; 長肥; 變肥沃
Japanese English To Japanese - fatten 
(動) 太らせる; 肥やす
Korean English To Korean - fatten 
동. 살찌다; 뚱뚱하게 만들다


 Synonyms for fatten
plump: make fat, enrich
Tenses for fatten
Present participle: fattening
Present: fatten (3.person: fattens)
Past: fattened
Future: will fatten
Present conditional: would fatten
Present Perfect: have fattened (3.person: has fattened)
Past Perfect: had fattened
Future Perfect: will have fattened
Past conditional: would have fattened

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