Definition of fatten Pronunciation
1. To become fatter.
He gradually fattened in the five years after getting married.
2. To cause to be fatter.
We must fatten the turkey in time for Thanksgiving.
3. To make fertile and fruitful; to enrich.
To fatten land
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English - English - fatten Pronunciation
v. become fat, put on weight; make fat
n. dandy, man excessively concerned with his clothes and appearance
English - Spanish - fatten Pronunciation
v. engordar, cebar, sainar; engordarse
English - French - fatten Pronunciation
v. engraisser, rendre gras, gaver
English - German - fatten Pronunciation
v. herausfüttern, mästen
English - Italian - fatten Pronunciation
v. ingrassare; concimare
English - Portuguese - fatten Pronunciation
v. engordar, nutrir
English - Russian - fatten Pronunciation
г. откармливать, жиреть, толстеть; нагуливать, удобрять
English - Turkish - fatten Pronunciation
f. yağlandırmak, besiye çekmek, şişmanlatmak, semirtmek, gübrelemek, yağlanmak, yaşlanmak, yağ bağlamak, şişmanlamak, semirmek, tombullaşmak
English - Dutch - fatten Pronunciation
ww. dik worden; dik maken; (vet)mesten
English - Greek - fatten Pronunciation
ρήμ. παχαίνω
English - Chinese - fatten Pronunciation
(动) 养肥; 使肥沃; 长肥; 变肥沃
English - Chinese - fatten Pronunciation
(動) 養肥; 使肥沃; 長肥; 變肥沃
English - Japanese - fatten Pronunciation
(動) 太らせる; 肥やす
English - Korean - fatten Pronunciation
동. 살찌다; 뚱뚱하게 만들다

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Synonyms for fatten
plump: make fat, enrich
Verb forms for fatten
Present participle: fattening
Present: fatten (3.person: fattens)
Past: fattened
Future: will fatten
Present conditional: would fatten
Present Perfect: have fattened (3.person: has fattened)
Past Perfect: had fattened
Future Perfect: will have fattened
Past conditional: would have fattened