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English English - Definition of fear 
n. fright; horror; concern; terror
v. be frightened; be concerned; be afraid of -; have respect for -
Spanish English To Spanish - fear 
s. miedo, alarma, arredramiento, medrana, mieditis, pánico, pavor, piche, suspenso, temor, terror
v. temer, dar miedo, dar temor, tener miedo a, tener miedo de; esperar con aprehensión
French English To French - fear 
n. crainte; peur; alarme; effroi; frayeur; terreur
v. craindre; avoir peur de; appréhender; s'inquiéter de
German English To German - fear 
n. Angst, Furcht; Befürchtung; Sorge; Ehrfurcht
v. fürchten, ängstigen; befürchten; sorgen; ehrfürchten
Italian English To Italian - fear 
s. paura, timore; ansia; preoccupazione; pericolo, rischio; probabilità
v. temere, aver paura di; avere un timore reverenziale di; avere il dubbio di
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fear 
s. medo; terror; suspeita; preocupação; receio
v. temer, ter medo; desconfiar; recear; ter respeito a
Russian English To Russian - fear 
с. страх, боязнь, опасение, вероятность, возможность
г. бояться, страшиться, опасаться, ожидать
Turkish English To Turkish - fear 
f. korkmak, endişe etmek, kuşkulanmak, kuruntu etmek, çekinmek, allah'tan korkmak
i. korku, dehşet, endişe, kaygı, sıkıntı, dert, risk, çekinme, korkma
Albanian English To Albanian - fear 
n. frikë, rrezik, shqetësim
v. frikë: kam frikë, druaj
Dutch English To Dutch - fear 
zn. angst; bedreiging; zorg, bangheid; bezorgdheid
ww. bang zijn; angstig zijn; zich zorgen maken; benauwd zijn; opzien tegen
Greek English To Greek - fear 
ουσ. φοβία, φόβος
ρήμ. φοβούμαι, φοβάμαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fear 
(名) 恐怖; 担心; 害怕
(动) 害怕, 畏惧; 恐怕; 担心; 猜想; 害怕; 感到忧虑
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fear 
(名) 恐怖; 擔心; 害怕
(動) 害怕, 畏懼; 恐怕; 擔心; 猜想; 害怕; 感到憂慮
Japanese English To Japanese - fear 
(動) 恐れる, 恐がる; 心配する; 畏れる
(名) 恐れ, 恐怖; 不安; 可能性
Korean English To Korean - fear 
명. 무서움, 두려움; 공포; 걱정
동. 무서워하다;걱정하다, 근심하다; 경외하다;염려하다
noun: an emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)
noun: a profound emotion inspired by a deity Example:The fear of God.
noun: an anxious feeling Example:They hushed it up out of fear of public reaction.
verb: be afraid or scared of; be frightened of Example:I fear the winters in Moscow.
verb: be uneasy or apprehensive about Example:I fear the results of the final exams.


 Synonyms for fear
1. anxiety: perturbation, concern, disquietude, solicitude, foreboding, pusillanimity, suspicion
2. alarm: apprehension, consternation, dismay, dread, fright, horror, terror
3. awe: reverence, veneration
4. dread: misdoubt, apprehend, falter
5. revere: reverence, venerate
6. cower: shrink, cringe, tremble, quake, blanch, start, quail
Tenses for fear
Present participle: fearing
Present: fear (3.person: fears)
Past: feared
Future: will fear
Present conditional: would fear
Present Perfect: have feared (3.person: has feared)
Past Perfect: had feared
Future Perfect: will have feared
Past conditional: would have feared

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