Definitions and translations for "fear"

Definition of fear

1. An emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight).
2. An anxious feeling.
Care had aged him.
They hushed it up out of fear of public reaction.
3. A feeling of profound respect for someone or something.
The fear of God.
The Chinese reverence for the dead.
The French treat food with gentle reverence.
His respect for the law bordered on veneration.
4. Be uneasy or apprehensive about.
I fear the results of the final exams.
5. Be sorry; used to introduce an unpleasant statement.
I fear I won't make it to your wedding party.
6. Be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event.
I fear she might get aggressive.
7. Be afraid or scared of; be frightened of.
I fear the winters in Moscow.
We should not fear the Communists!.
8. Regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of.
Fear God as your father.
We venerate genius.
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English - English - fear

n. fright; horror; concern; terror
v. be frightened; be concerned; be afraid of -; have respect for -

English - Spanish - fear

s. miedo, alarma, arredramiento, medrana, mieditis, pánico, pavor, piche, suspenso, temor, terror
v. temer, dar miedo, dar temor, tener miedo a, tener miedo de; esperar con aprehensión

English - French - fear

n. crainte; peur; alarme; effroi; frayeur; terreur
v. craindre; avoir peur de; appréhender; s'inquiéter de

English - German - fear

n. Angst, Furcht; Befürchtung; Sorge; Ehrfurcht
v. fürchten, ängstigen; befürchten; sorgen; ehrfürchten

English - Indonesian - fear

n. ketakutan, rasa takut, kebimbangan, kekuatiran, kecemasan, perasaan hormat dan takut, gentaran, kegentaran
v. takut, menaruh dahsyat, kuatir, kira, menghormati

English - Italian - fear

s. paura, timore; ansia; preoccupazione; pericolo, rischio; probabilità
v. temere, aver paura di; avere un timore reverenziale di; avere il dubbio di

English - Polish - fear

n. strach, przestrach, bojaźń, lęk, trwoga, obawianie się
v. bać się, obawiać się, lękać się

English - Portuguese - fear

s. medo; terror; suspeita; preocupação; receio
v. temer, ter medo; desconfiar; recear; ter respeito a

English - Romanian - fear

n. frică, teamă, spaimă, temere, îngrijorare, respect profund
v. teme: se teme, frică: a-i fi frică

English - Russian - fear

с. страх, боязнь, опасение, вероятность, возможность
г. бояться, страшиться, опасаться, ожидать

English - Turkish - fear

f. korkmak, endişe etmek, kuşkulanmak, kuruntu etmek, çekinmek, allah'tan korkmak
i. korku, dehşet, endişe, kaygı, sıkıntı, dert, risk, çekinme, korkma

English - Ukrainian - fear

n. страх, побоювання, трепет, зляк, обава
v. боятися, побоюватися, поважати

English - Dutch - fear

zn. angst; bedreiging; zorg, bangheid; bezorgdheid
ww. bang zijn; angstig zijn; zich zorgen maken; benauwd zijn; opzien tegen

English - Greek - fear

ουσ. φοβία, φόβος
ρήμ. φοβούμαι, φοβάμαι

English - Arabic - fear

‏خوف، خشية، خطر‏
‏خاف، خشي‏

English - Chinese - fear

(名) 恐怖; 担心; 害怕
(动) 害怕, 畏惧; 恐怕; 担心; 猜想; 害怕; 感到忧虑

English - Chinese - fear

(名) 恐怖; 擔心; 害怕
(動) 害怕, 畏懼; 恐怕; 擔心; 猜想; 害怕; 感到憂慮

English - Hindi - fear

n. भय, आशंका, त्रास, संत्रास, डर, शंका, ख़ौफ़, रोब, झझक, झिझक, खटका, चिंता, संवेग
v. भयभीत होना, शंकित होना, आशंकित होना, डरना, झिझकना, डरावना, संदेह करना

English - Japanese - fear

(動) 恐れる, 恐がる; 心配する; 畏れる
(名) 恐れ, 恐怖; 不安; 可能性

English - Korean - fear

명. 무서움, 두려움; 공포; 걱정
동. 무서워하다;걱정하다, 근심하다; 경외하다;염려하다

English - Vietnamese - fear

n. sợ, sợ hải, lo ngại, sự tôn trọng pháp luật
v. kinh hải, lo sợ

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Verb forms for fear
Present participle: fearing
Present: fear (3.person: fears)
Past: feared
Future: will fear
Present conditional: would fear
Present Perfect: have feared (3.person: has feared)
Past Perfect: had feared
Future Perfect: will have feared
Past conditional: would have feared