Definition of fetus Pronunciation
1. An unborn or unhatched vertebrate showing signs of the mature animal.
2. A human embryo after the 8th week of gestation.
The sequence is; molecules in reproductive systems, then gametes, zygotes, morulas, blastocysts, and then fetuses.
3. Pregnant, full of young
4. Fruitful, productive
5. Of one who has recently given birth; nursing
6. A bearing, birth, bringing forth.
7. Offspring, young, progeny.
8. Fruit, produce.
9. Growth, production.
10. Fetus
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English - English - fetus Pronunciation
n. young of a human or animal while in the womb or egg
n. fetus, young of a human or animal while in the womb or egg
n. wisp, trace
English - Spanish - fetus Pronunciation
s. feto, engendro
English - French - fetus Pronunciation
n. foetus
English - German - fetus Pronunciation
n. Fötus, Fetus (menschliche Leibesfrucht vom dritten Monat an)
English - Indonesian - fetus Pronunciation
n. janin, embrio, kandungan
English - Italian - fetus Pronunciation
s. (Biol) feto
English - Polish - fetus Pronunciation
n. płód, zarodek
English - Portuguese - fetus Pronunciation
s. feto
English - Russian - fetus Pronunciation
с. плод, утробный плод, зародыш, эмбрион
English - Turkish - fetus Pronunciation
i. cenin, dölüt
English - Ukrainian - fetus Pronunciation
n. плід, зародок, ембріон
German - English - fetus Pronunciation
n. young of a human or animal while in the womb or egg
Romanian - English - fetus
n. foetus
English - Dutch - fetus Pronunciation
zn. foetus
English - Greek - fetus Pronunciation
ουσ. έμβρυο
German - Spanish - fetus Pronunciation
n. feto (m)
German - Italian - fetus Pronunciation
n. feto (m)
German - Russian - fetus Pronunciation
n. плод (m), зародыш (m)
German - Turkish - fetus Pronunciation
i. cenin (m), dölüt (m), cehiz (m), düşüt (m)
English - Arabic - fetus Pronunciation
English - Chinese - fetus Pronunciation
(名) 胎儿
English - Chinese - fetus Pronunciation
(名) 胎兒
English - Hindi - fetus Pronunciation
n. भ्रूण, गर्भ, गर्भ का बच्चा, पेट का बच्चा, गर्भस्थ शिशु
English - Japanese - fetus Pronunciation
(名) 胎児
English - Korean - fetus Pronunciation
명. 태아, 자궁안에 있는 어린 생명체
German - Chinese - fetus Pronunciation
[der] pl.Fetusse 胎儿。

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