Definition of fiduciary Pronunciation
1. Related to trusts and trustees.
A fiduciary contract
A fiduciary duty
2. Pertaining to paper money whose value depends on public confidence or securities.
3. One who holds a thing in trust for another; a trustee.
4. One who depends for salvation on faith, without works; an antinomian.
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English - English - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. trustee, one who holds property or power for the benefit of another (Law)
adj. of or pertaining to a trustee (Law); based on or involving trust or confidence; based on public confidence
English - Spanish - fiduciary Pronunciation
s. fideicomisario
adj. fideicomisario, fiduciario
English - French - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. agent fiduciaire
adj. fiduciaire; légataire; relatif à la confiance; basé sur la confiance publique
English - German - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. Treuhändler; Apotropos
adj. fiduziarisch, treuhänderisch; auf Vertrauen beruhend
English - Indonesian - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. gadaian, gadai
a. gadai
English - Italian - fiduciary Pronunciation
s. fiduciario
agg. (Dir, Econ) fiduciario
English - Polish - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. powiernik
English - Portuguese - fiduciary Pronunciation
s. fiduciário, procurador
adj. fiduciário (dependente de confiança)
English - Romanian - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. curator {jur.}, om de încredere
a. fiduciar
English - Russian - fiduciary Pronunciation
с. попечитель, опекун
прил. доверенный, порученный; основанный на общественном доверии
English - Turkish - fiduciary Pronunciation
i. emin, mutemet
s. güvene dayanan, mutemede ait, itibari
English - Ukrainian - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. піклувальник, опікун, фідуціар
a. довірений, конфіденційний
English - Dutch - fiduciary Pronunciation
zn. beheerder, voogd, bewindvoerder (v. vermogen), bestuurder, commissaris (v. inrichting)
bn. fiduciair: van vertrouwen
English - Greek - fiduciary Pronunciation
ουσ. θεματοφύλακας
επίθ. έμπιστος
English - Arabic - fiduciary Pronunciation
English - Chinese - fiduciary Pronunciation
(名) 被信托者; 受托人
(形) 基于信用的; 受信托的; 信托的
English - Chinese - fiduciary Pronunciation
(名) 被信託者; 受託人
(形) 基於信用的; 受信託的; 信託的
English - Hindi - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. ज़िम्मेदार व्यक्ति
English - Japanese - fiduciary Pronunciation
(形) 被信託人の(法律); 信託の; 信用上の; 保証発行の; 基準の
(名) 受託者(法律)
English - Korean - fiduciary Pronunciation
명. 수탁자
형. 신용상의, 신용 발행의
English - Vietnamese - fiduciary Pronunciation
n. người thụ thác di sản
a. lòng tín dụng

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