Definition of fielder Pronunciation
1. A player of the fielding side, whose task is to gather the ball after the batsman has hit it, to catch the batsman out, or to prevent him from scoring.
2. A defensive player in the field.
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English - English - fielder Pronunciation
n. catcher positioned in the field (Baseball, Cricket)
n. fielder, catcher positioned in the field (Baseball, Cricket)
English - Spanish - fielder Pronunciation
s. jardinero
English - French - fielder Pronunciation
n. qui intercepte les ballons, joueur de terrain (en sport)
English - German - fielder Pronunciation
n. Fänger; Feldspieler (Sport)
English - Italian - fielder Pronunciation
s. (Sport) giocatore che rincorre e rilancia la palla
English - Portuguese - fielder Pronunciation
s. jogador do lado do lançador, que intercepta a bola (beisebol)
English - Romanian - fielder Pronunciation
n. jucător de cricket {sport.}
English - Russian - fielder Pronunciation
с. принимающий игрок
English - Turkish - fielder Pronunciation
i. meydancı (kriket)
Dutch - English - fielder Pronunciation
n. fielder, catcher positioned in the field (Baseball, Cricket)
English - Dutch - fielder Pronunciation
zn. veldspeler, fielder (bij cricket, honkbal)
English - Greek - fielder Pronunciation
αμυντικός παίχτης (μπέιζ - μπωλ)
Dutch - French - fielder Pronunciation
(sport) joueur de champ
English - Chinese - fielder Pronunciation
(名) 守场员, 外野手
English - Chinese - fielder Pronunciation
(名) 守場員, 外野手
English - Japanese - fielder Pronunciation
(名) 野手(野球, クリケット)
English - Korean - fielder Pronunciation
명. 야수

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