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English French To English - filiale 
(f) n. subsidiary, affiliate
English German To English - filiale 
(die) n. subbranch, subsidiary branch, deputy branch, branch division
English Italian To English - filiale 
adj. filial, daughterly
English Albanian To English - filiale 
n. filiation
Dutch French To Dutch - filiale 
(compagnie) dochtermaatschappij (f); dochteronderneming (f)
Dutch German To Dutch - filiale 
filiaal ,agentschap
German French To German - filiale 
n. tochtergesellschaft, tochterfirma, schwestergesellschaft, schwesternschaft, tochter, zweigbetrieb, ableger, nebengeschäft
adj. tochter-
Italian French To Italian - filiale 
(compagnie) società sussidiaria; società consociata; consociata (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - filiale 
(compagnie) subsidiária (f); companhia subsidiária; filial (f)
Russian French To Russian - filiale 
n. филиал (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - filiale 
(compagnie) subsidiaria (f); compañía filial; compañía subsidiaria
Turkish French To Turkish - filiale 
[la] (şirket\banka) şube
ChineseS German To ChineseS - filiale 
[die] pl.Filialen 分店。支行。
French German To French - filiale 
n. succursale (f), agence (f)
Italian German To Italian - filiale 
n. filiale (m)
Russian German To Russian - filiale 
n. филиал (f), отделение (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - filiale 
n. sucursal (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - filiale 
i. şube (f)
French Italian To French - filiale 
1. (generale) filial
2. (compagnia) succursale (f); branche (f); division (f)
German Italian To German - filiale 
n. filiale, zweigstelle, zweiganstalt, zweigniederlassung
adj. kindes-, kindlich, töchterlich


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