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Definition of find

1. To encounter or discover by accident; to happen upon.
2. To encounter or discover something being searched for; to locate.
I found my car keys. They were under the couch.
3. To discover by study or experiment direct to an object or end.
Water is found to be a compound substance.
4. To gain, as the object of desire or effort.
To find leisure; to find means
5. To attain to; to arrive at; to acquire.
Looks like he found a new vehicle for himself!
6. To point out.
He kept finding faults with my work.
7. To decide that, to discover that, to form the opinion that.
I find your argument unsatisfactory.
8. To arrive at, as a conclusion; to determine as true; to establish.
To find a verdict; to find a true bill (of indictment) against an accused person
9. To supply; to furnish.
To find food for workmen
10. To provide for
He finds his nephew in money.
11. To determine or judge.
The jury finds for the defendant.
12. To discover game.
13. Anything that is found (usually valuable), as objects on an archeological site or a person with talent.
14. The act of finding.
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English - English - find

n. something worthwhile which has been attained; discovery; procedure used to locate files in a computer system
v. come upon unexpectedly, encounter; discover after much searching or hard work; decide, rule, determine (Law); supply
v. find, retrieve, come across, come upon, discover, discover after much searching or hard work; consider, believe

English - Spanish - find

s. hallazgo; descubrimiento
v. encontrar, hallar; detectar, encontrarse con; localizar; descubrir, comprobar, desentrañar

English - French - find

n. découverte, trouvaille
v. trouver, découvrir, fournir; juger (coupable); tomber sur

English - German - find

n. Erfindung; Entdeckung
v. finden; erfinden; forschen; erforschen

English - Indonesian - find

n. penemuan
v. menemukan, mengetemukan, menjumpai, mengetahui, mendapati, mendapat, mengenai, merasa, merasakan, melihat, mendapatkan

English - Italian - find

s. scoperta, ritrovamento; reperto
v. trovare, ritrovare, rinvenire; scoprire; capire, accorgersi, rendersi conto; reputare; incontrare, riconoscere; procurare, fornire, provvedere

English - Polish - find

n. odkrycie, skarb, znalezisko
v. znajdować, odnaleźć, wynaleźć, poszukać, odszukać, wyszperać, odkryć, spotkać, natrafić, zastać, stwierdzać, dojść do wniosku, umiejscawiać, zaopatrywać, znaleźć, odnajdować, wynajdywać, odkrywać, spotykać, zastawać, stwierdzić, umiejscowić, zaopatrzyć

English - Portuguese - find

s. descoberta; achado; busca, procedimento utilizado na localização de arquivos num sistema computacional
v. achar; encontrar; descobrir; julgar; prover, fornecer, abastecer; perceber, notar; resolver

English - Romanian - find

n. descoperire, găsire
v. găsi, afla, dibăci, dibui, inventa, întâlni, întâmpina, întâlni: se întâlni, considera, socoti, vedea, dobândi, căpăta, câştiga, da, asigura, furniza, declara vinovat, dezlega jur, defini, determina, constata, fixa, realiza: se realiza, vocaţie: a-şi găsi vocaţia, aproviziona cu

English - Russian - find

с. находка, открытие
г. находить, найти; раздобыть, подыскать; добиться, получить; заставать; встречать; приходить к заключению, додумываться, убеждаться; признавать

English - Turkish - find

f. bulmak, keşfetmek, rastlamak, sağlamak, geçindirmek, bakmak, karara varmak
i. bulma, buluş, keşif, bulgu, bulunan şey

English - Ukrainian - find

n. знахідка, відкриття, нагибка, нахідка
v. знаходити, відшукувати, виявляти, відкривати, переконуватися, взяти слід, заставати, знайти, надибати

English - Dutch - find

zn. vondst; uitvinding
ww. vinden; uitvinden; beslissen; vonnis vellen

English - Greek - find

ουσ. ανακάλυψη, εύρημα
ρήμ. βρίσκω, ευρίσκω

English - Arabic - find

‏إكتشاف، اللقية‏
‏إكتشف، حكم، أدان، وجد نفسه، بلغ، أصدر حكما، تحرى، وجد‏

English - Chinese - find

(名) 发现
(动) 发现, 找到, 感到; 裁决

English - Chinese - find

(名) 發現
(動) 發現, 找到, 感到; 裁決

English - Hindi - find

n. प्राप्त वस्तु, अधिकार, खोज, अकस्मात्‌ पाई हुई चीज़
v. ढूंढ निकालना, पाना, अन्वेषण करना, पता लगाना, प्राप्त करना, अनुभव करना, सफल होना

English - Japanese - find

(名) 発見; 獲物の発見; 見つけもの
(動) 発見する; 見いだす; 見いだせる; 認める(法律); 見つける; 知る; 下す

English - Korean - find

명. 발견물, 습득물; 컴퓨터 시스템에서 파일의 위치를 알아내는행위
동. 우연히 만나다; 발견하다; 판결하다(법률); 공급하다, 제공하다

English - Vietnamese - find

n. sự khám phá, tìm thấy
v. tìm ra, khám phá, tìm thấy, nhận thấy
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Synonyms for find
1. detect: catch, locate, uncover, descry, expose, notice, encounter
2. treasure: discovery, acquisition
Verb forms for find
Present participle: finding
Present: find (3.person: finds)
Past: found
Future: will find
Present conditional: would find
Present Perfect: have found (3.person: has found)
Past Perfect: had found
Future Perfect: will have found
Past conditional: would have found