Definition of finlike Pronunciation
1. Resembling a fin, especially in shape.
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English - English - finlike Pronunciation
adj. similar to a fin, resembling a fin
English - Spanish - finlike Pronunciation
adj. En forma de aleta, que tiene a forma de las aletas de pescados
English - French - finlike Pronunciation
adj. semblable à une nageoire; dont la forme rappelle celle des nageoires du poisson
English - German - finlike Pronunciation
adj. einem Finnen ähnlich, erinnert an einen Finnen
English - Italian - finlike Pronunciation
agg. a forma di pinna, pinnato
English - Portuguese - finlike Pronunciation
adj. parecido com barbatanas, que tem a forma de barbatana de peixes
English - Dutch - finlike Pronunciation
bn. vin-, in vorm van vin
English - Japanese - finlike Pronunciation
(形) ひれのような, ひれに似た

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