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English English - Definition of firry 
adj. of fir trees; full of fir trees; made from the wood of fir trees
Spanish English To Spanish - firry 
adj. abético; lleno de abetos; hecho de madera de abeto
French English To French - firry 
adj. relatif aux sapins, en sapin; plein de sapins
German English To German - firry 
adj. Tannenbäume betreffend; voller Tannenbäume; aus Tannenholz angefertigt
Italian English To Italian - firry 
agg. di abete; ricco di abeti
Portuguese English To Portuguese - firry 
adj. referente a certo tipo de arbusto; repleto de determinado tipo de arbustos
Russian English To Russian - firry 
прил. еловый, заросший пихтами, заросший елями
Albanian English To Albanian - firry 
adj. bredh: i bredhit
Dutch English To Dutch - firry 
bn. Van sparrebomen; vol met sparrebomen; gemaakt van sparrebomen
ChineseS English To ChineseS - firry 
(形) 冷杉木制的; 杉树的; 多枞树的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - firry 
(形) 冷杉木製的; 杉樹的; 多樅樹的
Japanese English To Japanese - firry 
(形) モミの; モミの多い; モミでつくった
Korean English To Korean - firry 
형. 전나무의


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