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Definition of fix

1. A repair or corrective action.
That plumber's fix is much better than the first one's.
2. A difficult situation; a quandary or dilemma.
It rained before we repaired the roof, and were we in a fix!
3. A single dose of an addictive drug administered to a drug user.
4. A prearrangement of the outcome of a supposedly competitive process, such as a sporting event, a game, an election, a trial, or a bid.
5. A determination of location.
We have a fix on your position.
6. Fettlings (mixture used to line a furnace)
7. To pierce; now generally replaced by transfix.
1. By extension (Of a piercing look) to direct at someone.
He fixed me with a sickly grin, and said, "I told you it wouldn't work!"
8. To attach; to affix; to hold in place or at a particular time.
A dab of chewing gum will fix your note to the bulletin board.
A leech can fix itself to your skin without you feeling it.
The Constitution fixes the date when Congress must meet.
2. Usually in the passive To focus or determine (oneself, on a concept); to fixate.
She's fixed on the idea of becoming a doctor.
9. To mend, to repair.
That heater will start a fire if you don't fix it.
10. To prepare (food).
She fixed dinner for the kids.
11. To make (a contest, vote, or gamble) unfair; to privilege one contestant or a particular group of contestants, usually before the contest begins; to arrange immunity for defendants by tampering with the justice system via bribery or extortion
A majority of voters believed the election was fixed in favor of the incumbent.
12. To surgically render an animal, especially a pet, infertile.
Rover stopped digging under the fence after we had the vet fix him.
13. To map a (point or subset) to itself.
14. To take revenge on, to best; to serve justice on an assumed miscreant.
He got caught breaking into lockers, so a couple of guys fixed him after work.
15. To render (a photographic impression) permanent by treating with such applications as will make it insensitive to the action of light.
16. To convert into a stable or available form.
Legumes are valued in crop rotation for their ability to fix nitrogen.
17. To become fixed; to settle or remain permanently; to cease from wandering; to rest.
18. To become firm, so as to resist volatilization; to cease to flow or be fluid; to congeal; to become hard and malleable, as a metallic substance.
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English - English - fix

n. embarrassing situation, predicament (Slang); location, position (i.e. of a ship or individual); clear understanding; dose of a narcotic drug or something which is strongly desired (Slang)
v. determine; set firmly; stabilize; arrange; repair; prepare; attract; focus on; illegally influence the outcome of; take care of (Slang); spay, castrate
v. mainline, shoot up with heroin (Slang); speculate, buy and sell commodities to profit from market fluctuations

English - Spanish - fix

s. apuro, aprieto, situación problemática; soborno, cohecho
v. arreglar, componer, reacondicionar, reparar; preparar, aliñar, alistar, aparejar, dejar listo; fijar, asegurar, prensar, sujetar

English - French - fix

n. embarras, ennui, pétrin (argot); localisation, endroit; injection d'héroïne (argot)
v. fixer, attacher; stabiliser; arranger; réparer; préparer; charger de; soudoyer; arranger le portrait (argot), (se) piquer

English - German - fix

n. Patsche (Slang), Klemme (Slang); Suppe einbrocken (Slang); Standort (Nautik), Position (Nautik)
v. prägen; einprägen; befestigen; festmachen; anbringen; verankern; bestechen; sich um etwas kümmern (Umgangsprache); reparieren; etwas in Ordnung bringen

English - Indonesian - fix

n. kesulitan, kesukaran, penentuan posisi, suapan, suap, sogokan, dosis obat bius
v. memasang, memasang dgn kukuh, memancangkan, menentukan, menetapkan, memperjanjikan, memutuskan, mengurus, merapikan, mengatur, membetulkan, memperbaiki, menyesuaikan, menyediakan, mempersediakan, mengarahkan, memusatkan, mencamkan, bermaksud, main kongkalingkong, menyuap, memberi obat bisu

English - Italian - fix

s. dilemma, situazione imbarazzante, imbroglio, pasticcio; posizione (navigazione); dose di droga
v. fissare, fermare; pattuire; imprimersi nella mente; tenere fisso; stabilire, determinare; attribuire; (fam) accomodare, riparare; sistemare, mettere in ordine; (fam) preparare, approntare

English - Polish - fix

n. dylemat, bieda, machlojki, stan
v. przytwierdzać, utwierdzać, umocować, mocować, przymocować, zamocować, doczepiać, przyczepić, przybić, wklinować, wkuć, wmontować, wmurować, wprawiać, związać, koncentrować, skupiać, utrwalać {fot.}, stabilizować, ustalać, zainstalować, naznaczyć, oznaczać, opatrywać, zatrzymać, wpuszczać, nakładać, uporać się, naprawiać, nastawić, reperować
v. nareperować, wyrychtować, przygotować, osadzać, twardnieć {chem.}, utwierdzić, umocowywać, zamocowywać, przybijać, wkuwać, wmontowywać, wmurowywać, związywać, skoncentrować, ustalić, naznaczać, zatrzymywać, wpuścić, nałożyć, naprawić, nastawiać, przygotowywać, osadzić

English - Portuguese - fix

s. má situação, grande problema, "encrenca" (gíria); localização; injeção de heroína (gíria)
v. determinar; consertar; arrumar; preparar; fixar; estabelecer; subornar; ordenar

English - Romanian - fix

n. împrejurare critică, încurcătură, strâmtoare {fam.}
v. fixa, priponi, ţintui, stabili: se stabili, preciza, aţinti: a-şi aţinti, consola, statornici, plasa, atrage, consolida, determina, decide, prinde, înţepeni, aşeza, hotărî, stabili, reţine, pironi, instala, aranja, repara, închega: se închega, solidifica: se solidifica, atenţie: a-şi îndrepta atenţia, meşteri, întări, încheia, încastra, aţinti
v. pecetlui

English - Russian - fix

с. затруднительное положение, дилемма, местоположение, взятка, доза наркотика
г. укреплять, закрепить, устанавливать; назначать, определять; фиксировать, зафиксировать; приводить в порядок, чинить, ремонтировать, исправлять; приготовить; вводить, внедрять; останавливать; получить поддержку; разделаться, расправиться; густеть

English - Turkish - fix

f. bağlamak, takmak, yerleştirmek, dikmek (göz), tamir etmek, yapıştırmak, düzeltmek, tespit etmek, saptamak, kararlaştırmak, dik dik bakmak, gözünü dikmek, dikkat çekmek, gözünü ayırmamak, sağlamak, üstesinden gelmek, rüşvet vermek, rüşvetle elde etmek,
i. güç durum, çıkmaz, önceden belirlenmiş sonuç, uyuşturucu iğne, eroin dozu, aşırı doz

English - Ukrainian - fix

n. становище: скрутне становище, місцеперебування, відступне
v. укріплювати, призначати, фіксувати, зміцнювати, визначати, задовбати, закорінювати, зафіксовувати, злагоджувати, кріпити, назначати, напосудити, натермінувати, поставити, приробляти, ставити, усталювати
a. ремонтний

German - English - fix

n. embarrassing situation, predicament (Slang); location, position (i.e. of a ship or individual); clear understanding; dose of a narcotic drug or something which is strongly desired (Slang)

Romanian - English - fix

a. fixed, stationary, immovable, standing, set, constant, certain, invariable, permanent, unalterable, unchangeable, steady, stable, sure, firm, definite, exact, staid, staring, clipping
adv. fixedly, sharp

English - Dutch - fix

zn. ongeluksgeval; opsporing, localisatie; gebruik van heroine (slang)
ww. vastmaken; vaststellen; vestigen; opknappen; fixeren; regelen

English - Greek - fix

ρήμ. στερεώ, στερεώνω, ορίζω, προσηλώνω, επιδιορθώνω, επισκευάζω, μπήγω, διορθώνω

German - Spanish - fix

adj. fijo, ágil, vivo, ligero, expeditivo

German - French - fix

adj. fixe, rapide, deux: en deux temps
adv. vite

German - Italian - fix

adj. fisso, svelto, fermo
adv. fisso: in maniera fissa, presto, rapidamente

German - Russian - fix

adj. твердый, неизменный, постоянный, быстрый, проворный, расторопный, шустрый, бойкий, прыткий

German - Turkish - fix

s. sabit, değişmez, çabuk, çevik

English - Arabic - fix

‏حرج، ورطة، موقع السفينة أو الطائرة، مأزق‏
‏حدد، نظم، ورط، هيأ، ألقى المسؤلية، عدل، أعطى الشىء شكلا، أعاق، لصق، ركز، أصلح، حل، عالج، شفى، إنتقم من، ثبت، رسخ، قرر‏

English - Chinese - fix

(名) 困境; 贿赂; 方位
(动) 使固定, 准备, 修理; 固定, 确定, 注视

English - Chinese - fix

(名) 困境; 賄賂; 方位
(動) 使固定, 準備, 修理; 固定, 確定, 注視

English - Hindi - fix

n. जंजाल, परेशानी, असमंजस, खोंसना
v. निर्धारित करना, पक्का करना, क़ड़ा हो जाना, जमाना, जमा देना, लगाना

English - Japanese - fix

(名) 苦境(俗語); 位置; 理解; 麻薬の服用量(俗語)
(動) 固定する; 留める; 決める; 見据える; 据える; 引き付ける; 修理する; 世話をする(俗語); 去勢する

English - Korean - fix

명. 곤경(속어); 위치 (개인이나 배의 위치); 확실한 이해; 마약복용 (속어)
동. 결정하다; 고정시키다; 안정되게 하다; 정돈하다; 수리하다; 준비를 하다; 이목을 끌다; 매수하다, 담합하다; 돌보다 (속어); 거세하다

English - Vietnamese - fix

n. điều cản trở, trắc trở, khó khăn, tuyệt lộ, cùng đường, lâm vào cảnh khó khăn, lúng túng, để vào
v. đặt vào, đóng chặt vào, sửa chửa lại, hối lộ người nào, nhứt định làm việc gì, đông lại

German - Chinese - fix

adj. adv. 快速的。高速的。快的。迅速的。固定的。稳定的。
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Synonyms for fix
1. attach: establish, fast, fasten, implant, make, pin, plant
2. dilemma: jam, pickle, plight, predicament, spot
3. define: conclude, determine, establish, limit, settle
4. assign: refer
5. repair: correct, adjust, emend, mend
Verb forms for fix
Present participle: fixing
Present: fix (3.person: fixes)
Past: fixed
Future: will fix
Present conditional: would fix
Present Perfect: have fixed (3.person: has fixed)
Past Perfect: had fixed
Future Perfect: will have fixed
Past conditional: would have fixed