Definition of flasket Pronunciation
1. A long, shallow basket with two handles.
2. A vessel for serving food.
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English - English - flasket Pronunciation
n. tiny flask; long and shallow basket
English - Spanish - flasket Pronunciation
cofre, frasquito
English - Italian - flasket Pronunciation
s. fiaschetto, fiaschetta; cesto lungo e basso
English - Portuguese - flasket Pronunciation
s. pequeno frasco
English - Russian - flasket Pronunciation
с. маленькая фляжка, корзина для белья
English - Dutch - flasket Pronunciation
zn. klein flesje; lange en ondiepe mand
English - Korean - flasket Pronunciation
명. 작은 플라스크, 세탁물 넣는 광주리
English - Vietnamese - flasket Pronunciation
n. giỏ đựng chai

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