Definition of flipper Pronunciation
1. In marine mammals such as whales, a wide flat limb, adapted for swimming
2. A flat, wide, paddle-like rubber covering for the foot, used in swimming
3. A flat lever in a pinball machine, used to keep the ball in play
4. A type of ball bowled by a leg spin bowler, which spins backwards and skids off the pitch with a low bounce
5. Television remote control, clicker
6. The hand.
7. A kind of false tooth, usually temporary.
8. A kitchen spatula
9. To lift one or both flipper out of the water and slap the surface of the water
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English - English - flipper Pronunciation
n. fin; diver's webbed finlike shoe
n. pinball, type of arcade game in which one hits a ball across a sloped surface to strike objects and score points
n. pinball machine, flipper, pinball
English - Spanish - flipper Pronunciation
s. aleta
English - French - flipper Pronunciation
n. aileron; nageoire; palme
English - German - flipper Pronunciation
[flip] adj. sarkastisch; frech
n. Flosse, Schwimmflosse (Zoologie); Delphin (Kindersprache)
English - Indonesian - flipper Pronunciation
n. sirip, sayap ikan, tangan
English - Italian - flipper Pronunciation
s. pinna
English - Polish - flipper Pronunciation
n. płetwa, łapa
English - Portuguese - flipper Pronunciation
s. nadadeira
English - Romanian - flipper Pronunciation
n. aripă, labă, mână {fam.}
English - Russian - flipper Pronunciation
с. плавник, плавательная перепонка, ласт, рука, флиппер
English - Turkish - flipper Pronunciation
i. yüzgeç (kaplumbağa vb.), kol, palet
English - Ukrainian - flipper Pronunciation
n. плавець
French - English - flipper Pronunciation
v. (Slang) freak out, undergo a sudden mood change
German - English - flipper Pronunciation
n. fin; diver's webbed finlike shoe
Italian - English - flipper Pronunciation
n. pinball, type of arcade game in which one hits a ball across a sloped surface to strike objects and score points
English - Dutch - flipper Pronunciation
zn. flipper
English - Greek - flipper Pronunciation
ουσ. πτερύγιο, βατραχόπεδιλο
French - Spanish - flipper Pronunciation
(jeux) billar romano; billar romano mecánico
French - German - flipper Pronunciation
n. flipper
French - Italian - flipper Pronunciation
(jeux) flipper (m)
French - Portuguese - flipper Pronunciation
(jeux) pinball (m); máquina de pinball
German - French - flipper Pronunciation
n. flipper (m)
German - Turkish - flipper Pronunciation
ayibaligi, vb. baliklarin kolu, (yüzmede kullanilan) palet
Italian - French - flipper Pronunciation
(giochi) flipper (m)
Italian - German - flipper Pronunciation
n. flipperspiel
Dutch - French - flipper Pronunciation
(spelen) flipper (m)
French - Dutch - flipper Pronunciation
(jeux) flipperspel (n); flipper (m); flipperkast (m/f); trekkast (m/f)
English - Arabic - flipper Pronunciation
‏زعنفة، عوامات‏
English - Chinese - flipper Pronunciation
(名) 鳍状肢; 蛙鞋; 脚蹼; 手
English - Chinese - flipper Pronunciation
(名) 鰭狀肢; 蛙鞋; 腳蹼; 手
English - Hindi - flipper Pronunciation
n. हिलनेवाला अंग, हाथ, पद्दिका, मछली का सुफ़ना, मछली का पंख
English - Japanese - flipper Pronunciation
(名) ひれ足; 足ひれ
(形) 軽薄な
English - Korean - flipper Pronunciation
명. 지느러미; 지느러미 모양의 발, 고무 물갈퀴
English - Vietnamese - flipper Pronunciation
n. bộ phận dùng để lội nước, cái kỳ của cá, chân rùa dùng để lội nước
German - Chinese - flipper Pronunciation
[der] 钉球戏。

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