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English English - Definition of forgetful 
adj. tending to forget; careless, thoughtless
Spanish English To Spanish - forgetful 
adj. olvidadizo, amnésico, descuidado, desmemoriado, perdulario
French English To French - forgetful 
adj. oublieux; négligent
German English To German - forgetful 
adj. vergeßlich; vernachlässigend, rücksichtslos
Italian English To Italian - forgetful 
agg. smemorato, di poca memoria; dimentico, immemore, noncurante; (poet) che dà l'oblio, oblioso
Portuguese English To Portuguese - forgetful 
adj. esquecido; desconsiderado
Russian English To Russian - forgetful 
прил. забывчивый, невнимательный, безголовый, беспамятный, небрежный
Turkish English To Turkish - forgetful 
s. unutkan, ihmalkâr, ihmalci, kayıtsız
Albanian English To Albanian - forgetful 
adj. harraq, shkujdesur: i shkujdesur, harruar: i harruar
Dutch English To Dutch - forgetful 
bn. vergeetachtig; net in rekening nemend van anderen
Greek English To Greek - forgetful 
επίθ. ξεχασιάρης, επιλήσμων
ChineseS English To ChineseS - forgetful 
(形) 健忘的, 易忘的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - forgetful 
(形) 健忘的, 易忘的
Japanese English To Japanese - forgetful 
(形) 忘れっぽい; 怠りがちな
Korean English To Korean - forgetful 
형. 잊기 쉬운; 부주의한
adjective: failing to keep in mind Example:Forgetful of her responsibilities.
adjective: not mindful or attentive
adjective: not retentive


 Synonyms for forgetful
oblivious: unmindful, forgetting

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