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English English - Definition of formation 
n. forming, making; structure, arrangement; configuration; configuration of troops (Military); creation, establishment
n. configuration, formation, arrangement of elements
n. formation, forming; training, molding; education, traineeship; grounding, development
Spanish English To Spanish - formation 
s. formación, constitución, creación, generación; educación, ordenación, distribución
French English To French - formation 
n. formation, devenir; constellation, structure; configuration; grande unité (militaire); modelage, création, cristallisation
German English To German - formation 
n. Entstehung; Gestaltung; Anordnung; System; Schöpfung; Werk; Schaffen
Italian English To Italian - formation 
s. formazione; composizione; costituzione; disposizione; unità
Portuguese English To Portuguese - formation 
s. formação; construção; disposição; arranjo
Russian English To Russian - formation 
с. образование, формирование, создание, строение, конструкция; характер, формация, составление; строй, боевой порядок
Turkish English To Turkish - formation 
i. formasyon, biçimlenme, oluşum, oluşturma, düzen, yapım
English French To English - formation 
(f) n. formation, forming; training, molding; education, traineeship; grounding, development
English German To English - formation 
n. formation, group, flight
Albanian English To Albanian - formation 
n. formim, formacion [usht.], përpunim
Dutch English To Dutch - formation 
zn. vorming, formatie; opstelling
Greek English To Greek - formation 
ουσ. πλάση, σχηματισμός, διαμόρφωση, συγκρότηση, σύσταση επιχείρησης
Dutch French To Dutch - formation 
1. (aviation - militaire) formatie (f) 2. (éducation) basisvorming (f)
3. (adresse) leerschool (m/f); ervaring (f) 4. (caractère) vorming (f)
5. (militaire) gelid (n); slagorde (m/f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - formation 
(名) 构造, 形成, 编队
ChineseT English To ChineseT - formation 
(名) 構造, 形成, 編隊
Japanese English To Japanese - formation 
(名) 形成; 形成法; 配置; 隊形(軍); 創造
Korean English To Korean - formation 
명. 형성; 조립, 조성; 배치, 진형, 편대(군대); 편성; 성립
German French To German - formation 
n. aufstellung, bildung, konstruktion, entstehung, entwicklung, herauskristallisierung, formation, formierung, ausbildung, schulung, formatierung, gruppe, fraktion, truppe, besetzung, mannschaft, reifezeit, genese, kreis, verband, gebilde
Italian French To Italian - formation 
1. (aviation - militaire) formazione (f) 2. (éducation) basi (fp); nozioni elementari
3. (adresse) esperienza (f); esercizio (m); pratica (f) 4. (caractère) formazione (f); creazione (f)
5. (militaire) schiera (f); riga (f); fila (f); rango (m)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - formation 
1. (aviation - militaire) formação (f); esquadrilha (f) 2. (éducation) instrução básica; formação básica
3. (adresse) experiência (f); prática (f) 4. (caractère) formação (f); criação (f)
5. (militaire) formação (f); tropas em formação
Russian French To Russian - formation 
n. формирование (f), образование (f), воспитание (f), подготовка (кадров) (f), процесс становления (f), формация (f), строй (f), построение (f), команда (спорт.) (f), формовка (тех.) (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - formation 
1. (aviation - militaire) formación (f) 2. (éducation) instrucción básica; principios fundamentales
3. (adresse) experiencia (f); formación (f) 4. (caractère) formación (f); creación (f)
5. (militaire) formación (f); fila (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - formation 
[la] meydana getirme; oluşturma, oluşma; oluşum; gelişme; eğitim; grup; tertip, birlik
ChineseS German To ChineseS - formation 
[die] pl.Formationen 构造。要素的结构。
French German To French - formation 
n. formation (f)
Italian German To Italian - formation 
n. formazione (f)
Russian German To Russian - formation 
n. формация (f), формирование (f), образование (f), становление (f), подразделение (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - formation 
n. formación (f), unidad (f)
Turkish German To Turkish - formation 
i. meydana getirme (f), dönem (f), yapım (f), birlik (f)
noun: the fabrication of something in a particular shape
noun: creation by mental activity Example:The formation of sentences.
noun: a particular spatial arrangement
noun: an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit Example:A defensive formation.
noun: natural process that causes something to form Example:The formation of gas in the intestine.
noun: (geology) the geological features of the earth
noun: the act of forming something


 Synonyms for formation
1. configuration: disposition, arrangement, pattern, constellation, shape, order
2. being formed: creation, arrangement, constitution, fabrication, development, crystallisation, crystallization, accumulation

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