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English English - Definition of founder 
n. establisher; originator; person who founds (institution, settlement, etc.); one who casts, one who molds; one who establishes a channel, one who gives authorization to operate a channel (Computers)
v. fill with water and sink; fall; fail; stumble; cause to sink
Spanish English To Spanish - founder 
s. fundador, establecedor, implantador, instaurador, instituidor, institutor; da autoridad para activar un canal (inform.)
v. fracasar totalmente; zozobrar, derrumbarse, desplomarse, hundirse, irse a pique, naufragar
French English To French - founder 
n. fondateur; fondeur (métallurgie); fondateur d'un canal, qui confère l'autorité pour opérer un canal (informatique)
v. couler, se remplir d'eau; s'effondrer; échouer; chanceler, défaillir; faire couler; sombrer; chavirer; s'embourber; s'empêtrer
German English To German - founder 
n. Gründer, Stifter, Gießer; (Comput) jem der Eralubnis erteilt ein Kanal zu betätigen
v. untergehen, sinken; versenken; eintauchen; sich zerschlagen; straucheln; einstürzen
Italian English To Italian - founder 
s. fondatore; (inform.) fondatore di un canale, chi rilascia il permesso d'uso di un canale
v. (Mar) affondare, colare a picco; crollare; sprofondare; azzopparsi; arrembare, arrembarsi; (fig) fallire, naufragare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - founder 
s. fundador, construtor; criador de um canal, deu permissão para ativar um canal (informática)
v. afundar, ir a pique, soçobrar; ceder
Russian English To Russian - founder 
с. основатель, учредитель, основоположник; плавильщик, литейщик, ламинит; основатель канала чата [комп.]
г. охрометь, разбить ногу, упасть, идти ко дну, оседать
Turkish English To Turkish - founder 
f. batmak, çökmek, yıkılmak, boşa çıkmak, saplanıp kalmak, sakatlanmak (at)
i. kurucu, dökümcü
Albanian English To Albanian - founder 
n. themelues, shkrirës
v. mbytet (anije), fundosem, rrëzohet, përmbysem [fig.]
adj. fonditor
Dutch English To Dutch - founder 
zn. oprichter, stichter; verbinder; zet een kanaal op; geeft toestemming een kanaal te openen (in computers)
ww. grondlegger, oprichter, stichter; zinken; metaalgieter
Greek English To Greek - founder 
ουσ. θεμελιωτής, χύτης, ιδρυτής
ρήμ. βυθίζω, καταποντίζομαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - founder 
(名) 创立者, 奠基者; 缔造者, 筹划人; 铸造者; 建立通道的人, 授权操作通道的人 (计算机用语)
(动) 浸水而沉没; 垮掉, 崩溃; 失败; 使沉没; 弄跛; 使摔倒
ChineseT English To ChineseT - founder 
(名) 創立者; 締造者; 奠基者#鑄造工, 翻砂工
(動) 浸水而沈沒; 垮掉, 崩潰; 失敗; 使沈沒; 弄跛; 使摔倒
Japanese English To Japanese - founder 
(名) 創立者, 設立者, 創設者; (コンピュータ)創設者, 主にメーリングリストやニュースグループの開設者
(動) 浸水する; 落ちる; 失敗する; つまづく; くずれる, 沈没する
Korean English To Korean - founder 
명. 창설자, 설립자, 주조자, 제엽염, 원조, 초대, 개조
noun: a person who founds or establishes some institution
noun: a worker who makes metal castings
noun: inflammation of the laminated tissue that attaches the hoof to the foot of a horse
verb: stumble and nearly fall Example:The horses foundered.
verb: sink below the surface
verb: fail utterly; collapse Example:The project foundered.
verb: break down, literally or metaphorically


 Synonyms for founder
1. take on water and sink: fail, miscarry, break down
2. originator: forefather, patron, prime mover, benefactor, author
Tenses for founder
Present participle: foundering
Present: founder (3.person: founders)
Past: foundered
Future: will founder
Present conditional: would founder
Present Perfect: have foundered (3.person: has foundered)
Past Perfect: had foundered
Future Perfect: will have foundered
Past conditional: would have foundered

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