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English English - Definition of fracture 
n. break (i.e. in a bone); act of breaking; state of being broken; split, crack
v. cause a break (i.e. in a bone); break, split, crack; be broken, be split, be cracked
n. fracture, breaking
Spanish English To Spanish - fracture 
s. fractura, quebradura, rotura
v. fracturar, quebrar, romper
French English To French - fracture 
n. fracture; fêlure; rupture, brisure, cassure, fente
v. briser, casser; fendre; être fêlé; causer une fracture
German English To German - fracture 
n. Bruch; Knochenbruch; Spalte; Riß; Ritze
v. brechen; spalten; einritzen; zerbrechen
Italian English To Italian - fracture 
s. (Med, Geol) frattura; rottura; spacco
v. (Med) fratturare; rompere, spezzare
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fracture 
s. fratura (nos ossos, etc); rompimento; quebradura
v. fraturar (ossos, etc); quebrar; arrebentar
Russian English To Russian - fracture 
с. перелом [мед.]; разрыв, трещина, надлом; фрактура
г. ломать, раздроблять
Turkish English To Turkish - fracture 
f. kırılmak, kırmak, çatlamak
i. kırık, çatlak, kırılma, kırma
English French To English - fracture 
(f) n. fracture, breaking
English Spanish To English - fracture 
[fracturar] v. fracture, be broken
Albanian English To Albanian - fracture 
n. thyerje, çarje, gërricje
v. thyej
Dutch English To Dutch - fracture 
zn. fractuur (med.), (bot)breuk; scheur, barst, breuk
ww. breken (vnl. med.)
Greek English To Greek - fracture 
ουσ. θλάση, κάταγμα
ρήμ. θραύω, σπάζω
Dutch French To Dutch - fracture 
1. (général) braak (m/f); breken (n)
2. (médecine) breuk (m/f)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fracture 
(名) 破碎, 骨折
(动) 使破裂; 使折断; 使断裂; 使骨折; 破裂; 折断; 断裂
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fracture 
(名) 破碎, 骨折
(動) 使破裂; 使折斷; 使斷裂; 使骨折; 破裂; 折斷; 斷裂
Japanese English To Japanese - fracture 
(動) 骨折する; 砕く; 割る; 折る; 壊れる
(名) 骨折; 破砕; 壊れていること; 分裂
Korean English To Korean - fracture 
명. 부서짐, 깨짐; 분열, 갈라진 곳, 갈라진 틈
동. 부러뜨리다, 골절하다; 부수다, 깨지다, 쪼개다; 쪼개지다, 부서지다
German French To German - fracture 
n. fraktur, verwerfung, bruch, knochenbruch
Italian French To Italian - fracture 
1. (général) rottura (f); frattura (f)
2. (médecine) frattura (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - fracture 
1. (général) ruptura (f); fratura (f)
2. (médecine) fratura (f)
Russian French To Russian - fracture 
n. надлом (f), излом (f), поверхность излома (f), разрушение (тех.) (f)
Spanish French To Spanish - fracture 
1. (général) rotura (f); rompimiento (m); fractura (f)
2. (médecine) fractura (f)
Turkish French To Turkish - fracture 
[la] kırılma, kırık, çatlak
noun: the act of cracking something
noun: breaking of hard tissue such as bone Example:It was a nasty fracture.
noun: (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other
verb: break into pieces Example:The pothole fractured a bolt on the axle.
verb: fracture a bone of
verb: break (a bone)
verb: become fractured Example:The tibia fractured from the blow of the iron pipe.


 Synonyms for fracture
1. broken bone:
2. break: crack, split, cleavage, fissure, severing, disjunction, breach
3. break: crack, split, rupture, cleave, shatter
Tenses for fracture
Present participle: fracturing
Present: fracture (3.person: fractures)
Past: fractured
Future: will fracture
Present conditional: would fracture
Present Perfect: have fractured (3.person: has fractured)
Past Perfect: had fractured
Future Perfect: will have fractured
Past conditional: would have fractured

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