appoint in English and example sentences

appoint in French

v. nommer; désigner; destiner

appoint in English

n. contribution; help, aid; add-on (Computers)

Example Sentences

De plus, les trois quarts de nos agriculteurs le sont à temps partiel et ont besoin de revenus d'appoint efficaces.
Furthermore, three quarters of our farm workers are part-time and require supplements to their incomes.
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L' aspect quantitatif n' est qu' une donnée d' appoint.
Amounts are merely auxiliary quantities.
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De nombreux médecins, des médicaments et des structures d'appoint médicales doivent être déployés en urgence.
Doctors, medicines and medical support services must be deployed urgently and in great numbers.
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Mais il ne faut pas se leurrer: l'Europe ne peut nous fournir qu'une aide d'appoint.
However, we must not delude ourselves: Europe can only provide us with supplementary aid.
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Verb forms for appoint
Present participle: appointing
Present: appoint (3.person: appoints)
Past: appointed
Future: will appoint
Present conditional: would appoint
Present Perfect: have appointed (3.person: has appointed)
Past Perfect: had appointed
Future Perfect: will have appointed
Past conditional: would have appointed