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Definition of front

1. The foremost side of something or the end that faces the direction it normally moves.
2. The side of a building with the main entrance.
3. A field of activity.
4. A person or institution acting as the public face of some other, covert group.
Officially it's a dry-cleaning shop, but everyone knows it's a front for the mafia.
5. The interface or transition zone between two airmasses of different density, often resulting in precipitation. Since the temperature distribution is the most important regulator of atmospheric density, a front almost invariably separates airmasses of different temperature.
6. An area where armies are engaged in conflict, especially the line of contact.
7. The lateral space occupied by an element measured from the extremity of one flank to the extremity of the other flank.
8. The direction of the enemy.
9. When a combat situation does not exist or is not assumed, the direction toward which the command is faced.
10. A major military subdivision of the Soviet Army.
11. An act, show, façade, persona: an intentional and false impression of oneself.
He says he likes hip-hop, but I think it's just a front.
You don't need to put on a front. Just be yourself.
12. That which covers the foremost part of the head: a front piece of false hair worn by women.
13. The most conspicuous part.
14. The beginning.
15. A seafront or coastal promenade.
16. The forehead or brow, the part of the face above the eyes; sometimes, also, the whole face.
17. The bellhop whose turn it is to answer a client's call, which is often the word "front" used as an exclamation.
18. Located at or near the front.
The front runner was thirty meters ahead of her nearest competitor.
19. Of a vowel pronounced near the tip of the tongue.
20. To face (on, to); to be pointed in a given direction.
21. To face, be opposite to.
22. To face up to, to meet head-on, to confront.
23. To adorn the front of; to put on the front.
24. To pronounce with the tongue in a front position.
25. To move (a word or clause) to the start of a sentence.
26. To act as a front (for); to cover (for).
27. To lead or be the spokesperson of (a campaign, organisation etc.).
28. To provide money or financial assistance in advance to.
29. To assume false or disingenuous appearances.
30. To deceive or attempt to deceive someone with false or disingenuous appearances (on).
31. To appear before, as in to front court.
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English - English - front

n. foremost part; part that faces forward; forehead, face; outward appearance; facade, outer wall of a building; line of confrontation (as in a battle); seaside promenade; cover, disguise; movement, coalition; haughtiness
v. face toward; confront; be against or in opposition to; apply a front to
adj. of or pertaining to a front; placed before something else; main (door); fore; forward; first (page); serving as a cover or disguise

English - Spanish - front

s. parte delantera, fachada, faz, frente, frontis, frontispicio, parte del frente, portada; apariencias
v. confrontar, desafiar; dar hacia
adj. delantero, frontal

English - French - front

n. front; face; façade; culot; audace, aspect; front de mer
v. se diriger vers; se trouver face à; avoir le front de , donner sur (la mer, etc.)
adj. antérieur, de face, frontal, principal (porte), premier (page)

English - German - front

n. Vorderseite; Vorderteil; Vorderfront; Stirnseite; Strandpromenade; Uferpromenade; Fassade; Tarnung; Spitze
v. vorwärts schauen; konfrontieren; gegen etwas sein, in opposition zu etwas stehen
adj. vorne, front-; haupt; erste

English - Indonesian - front

n. muka, depan, kedok, front, barisan, sektor, bidang, gelombang udara dingin
v. menghadap, menghadapi, berhadapan dgn
a. depan, muka, hadapan

English - Italian - front

s. facciata, davanti, fronte; parte anteriore; fronte stradale; lungomare; lungolago; coalizione; (fam) prestanome, uomo di paglia; (fam) copertura, paravento; (fig) atteggiamento, comportamento
v. guardare verso, fronteggiare; (fig) affrontare; tener testa a; essere di fronte, essere dirimpetto, essere prospiciente a
agg. anteriore, frontale, davanti; sul davanti

English - Polish - front

n. przód, przodek, czoło, front, fasada, lico, grzywka
v. czoło: stawić czoło, konfrontować
a. frontowy, przedni, przodowy, czołowy, przedniojęzykowy

English - Portuguese - front

s. frente, fachada; rosto, testa, cara; começo, início; atrevimento; caminho à beira-mar; frente de batalha
v. dirigir-se em direção a-, estar diante de-, avistar, observar; ousar
adj. anterior, precedente, dianteiro; porta da frente

English - Romanian - front

n. faţă, faţadă, frunte, partea din faţă a unui lucru, front, pieptar de cămaşă, vitrină, poziţie de frunte, cap, teren care dă spre, îndrăzneală, neruşinare
v. da spre, avea vederea spre, fi faţă-n faţă cu, fi orientat către, înfrunta, da piept, ţine piept la, obliga să facă front spre {mil.}, face front spre {mil.}, face faţă, acoperi cu, consolida cu, întoarce: se întoarce, tencui faţadă
a. frontal, faţă: din faţă, prim, principal
adv. faţă: din faţă, faţadă: pe faţadă

English - Russian - front

с. перед, передняя сторона, фасад, лицевая сторона, передок; прикрытие, ширма; чело, лик, лицо; фронт, передовые позиции; набережная; накрахмаленная манишка; накладка из волос
г. выходить на, выходить окнами, быть обращенным к, служить прикрытием, служить ширмой, противостоять, быть главарем
прил. передний, переднеязычный

English - Turkish - front

f. bakmak, dönmek, yönelmek, karşı olmak, önderlik etmek, yol göstermek, cephesini düzenlemek
i. ön, ön taraf, yüz, cephe, paravan kişi, paravan şirket, alın, sima, yüzsüzlük, utanmazlık, arsızlık
s. ön, öndeki, cüret

English - Ukrainian - front

n. перед, фасад, зовнішність, фронт, набережна
v. виходити на, знаходитися
a. передній

French - English - front

(m) n. forehead, brow; face, front; facade

German - English - front

interj. turn to the front! face forward!

Indonesian - English - front

n. front, cadre

Polish - English - front

n. front, facade, elevation

Romanian - English - front

n. front, line

Dutch - English - front

adj. front, fore

English - Dutch - front

zn. voorkant, voorste deel; gezicht; front; bedekking; brutaliteit, waaghalzerij; strand; voorzijde
ww. naar voren komen, uitzien; het lef hebben
bn. voorste; voor- (deur); eerste (pagina)

English - Greek - front

ουσ. πρόσοψη, εμπρός, πρόσοψις, μέτωπο
ρήμ. αντιμετωπίζω
επίθ. εμπρόσθινος

French - Spanish - front

1. (bâtiment) fachada (f); frente (m); cara (f)
2. (anatomie) frente (f)
3. (militaire) frente (m)

German - Spanish - front

n. frente (m), fachada (f), frontis (m)

French - German - front

n. stirn, front, vorderseite, stirnseite

French - Italian - front

1. (bâtiment) facciata (f); prospetto (m); fronte (f); faccia (f)
2. (anatomie) fronte (f)
3. (militaire) fronte (m)

French - Portuguese - front

1. (bâtiment) fachada (f); frente (f)
2. (anatomie) testa (f)
3. (militaire) frente (f)

French - Russian - front

n. лоб (m), перед (m), передний: передняя сторона (m), фасад (m), фронт (воен.) (m)

French - Turkish - front

[le] alın; yüz; baş; ön, cephe

German - French - front

n. façade (f), ligne (f), rangée (f), coalition (f), rideau (m), front (m)

German - Italian - front

n. facciata (f), fronte (f)

German - Russian - front

n. фронт (f), строй (f)

German - Turkish - front

i. ön taraf (f), cephe (f)

Dutch - French - front

1. (algemeen) façade (f) 2. (gebouw) façade (f); front (m); face (f)
3. (militair) front (m)
4. (schijn) apparence (f); façade (f); masque (m)

French - Dutch - front

1. (bâtiment) voorzijde (m/f); front (n); voorgevel (m); voorkant (m); façade (f)
2. (anatomie) voorhoofd (n)
3. (militaire) front (n)

German - Dutch - front

front ,voorgevel ,voorkant

English - Arabic - front

‏جبهة، متنزه على الشاطئ، واجهة، جبين، صدارة، طليعة، مظهر خارجي، موقف من قضية ما، حقل نشاط، رباط العنق، الصف الأول، جلس في المقدمة‏
‏أمامي، تكتل سياسي، مجابه‏

English - Chinese - front

(名) 前面; 前线; 开头
(动) 面对; 对付; 朝向; 朝向
(形) 前面的; 作掩护的; 正面的; 舌前的

English - Chinese - front

(名) 前面; 前線; 開頭
(動) 面對; 對付; 朝向; 朝向
(形) 前面的; 作掩護的; 正面的; 舌前的

English - Hindi - front

n. सामना, मुख, रुख़, शिर, मोर्चा
v. सम्मुख होना, सामना करना
a. सामने का, सामनेवाला

English - Japanese - front

(間) 向かう; 正面を向く
(形) 前面の; 真っ先の; 正面の(ドア); 前部の; 前方の; 第一面の
(名) 前部; 表; 正面; 外観; 最前線; 遊歩道; 外見; 動き; 傲慢さ

English - Korean - front

명. 앞면; 정면; 이마, 얼굴; 태도; 건물의 바깥으로 향한 벽; 최전방 (전투에서); 해안의 산책길; 위장; 사상이나 정치운동; 뻔뻔스러움
동. 향하다, 앞잡이로 쓰이다, 이용물로 쓰이다, 정면을 향하다, ...을 향하다, 앞면을 붙이다, 전설음으로 바뀌다
형. 정면의; 선두의; 현관의; 앞으로; 서두의; 위장한 채 일하는

English - Vietnamese - front

n. trán, diện mạo, mặt trận, mặt trước
v. đối mặt, xoay mặt về, chống chọi với
a. trước, ở phía trước

German - Chinese - front

[die] pl.Fronten 前面。前部。脸面对的方向。前额。脸。建筑物的外墙。前线。
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Synonyms for front
1. vanguard: van, outpost
2. frontage: exterior, anterior, obverse, facade, bow, foreground, forehead
3. mien: carriage, port, demeanour, aspect, countenance, face, presence
4. effrontery: assurance, face, rudeness
5. prow: stem, nose, bow, rostrum, beak, jib, bowsprit
6. confront: face, meet
7. veneer: border, overlay, cover
Verb forms for front
Present participle: fronting
Present: front (3.person: fronts)
Past: fronted
Future: will front
Present conditional: would front
Present Perfect: have fronted (3.person: has fronted)
Past Perfect: had fronted
Future Perfect: will have fronted
Past conditional: would have fronted