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English English - Definition of fuddled 
adj. confused; intoxicated, drunk
Spanish English To Spanish - fuddled 
adj. aturdido, confuso
French English To French - fuddled 
adj. embrouillé, confus; soûl
German English To German - fuddled 
[fuddle] v. berauschen, sich betrinken; verwirren, durcheinander bringen
adj. berauscht; betrunken, besoffen
Italian English To Italian - fuddled 
agg. ubriaco
Portuguese English To Portuguese - fuddled 
adj. embriagado, bêbado
Russian English To Russian - fuddled 
[fuddle] г. напиваться, напоить допьяна, одурманивать
Turkish English To Turkish - fuddled 
s. çakırkeyif, kafası dumanlı, sersemlemiş
Dutch English To Dutch - fuddled 
bn. verward, beneveld
Greek English To Greek - fuddled 
[fuddle] ρήμ. μεθώ, συγχέω, αποχαυνώνω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - fuddled 
(形) 糊涂的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - fuddled 
(形) 糊塗的
Japanese English To Japanese - fuddled 
(形) 混乱した; 酔った
(動) 酔わせる; 酒浸りになる; 混乱させる; 大酒を飲む
Korean English To Korean - fuddled 
[fuddle] 동. 술 취하게 하다, 술에 젖어 지내다


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