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Definition of function

1. A formal or official social gathering or ceremony.
2. (mathematics) a mathematical relation such that each element of a given set (the domain of the function) is associated with an element of another set (the range of the function).
3. A relation such that one thing is dependent on another.
Height is a function of age.
Price is a function of supply and demand.
4. The actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.
The function of a teacher.
5. A vaguely specified social event.
6. A set sequence of steps, part of larger computer program.
7. What something is used for.
The function of an auger is to bore holes.
8. Perform as expected when applied.
9. Perform duties attached to a particular office or place or function.
10. Serve a purpose, role, or function.
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English - English - function

n. duty, role; use, purpose; festive event, social occasion
v. work; act; operate

English - Spanish - function

s. función; acto, ceremonia
v. funcionar, surtir efecto

English - French - function

n. fonction; charge; cérémonie religieuse; réception, réunion; soleenité; rôle; emploi; utilité
v. fonctionner; marcher; opérer; travailler

English - German - function

n. Aufgabe; Fungieren; Gebrauch; Empfang; Funktion
v. funktionieren; arbeiten; sich anstellen

English - Indonesian - function

n. fungsi, kegunaan, guna, faal, pekerjaan, jabatan, pemegangan, upacara, pesta
v. berjalan, berfungsi

English - Italian - function

s. funzione, scopo; incombenza, compito; mansione, dovere; cerimonia; (fam) ricevimento, riunione
v. funzionare; essere in funzione; fungere

English - Polish - function

n. funkcja, czynność, działanie, obowiązek, impreza
v. działać, funkcjonować

English - Portuguese - function

s. função; papel; uso; festividade
v. funcionar; agir

English - Romanian - function

n. activitate, funcţiune, funcţie, oficiu, reuniune
v. funcţiona, lucra

English - Russian - function

с. функция, назначение, отправление, должностные обязанности, должность, торжественное собрание, торжество, вечер, прием
г. функционировать, действовать, работать, выполнять функции

English - Turkish - function

f. işlevini yerine getirmek, işlemek, çalışmak
i. fonksiyon, iş, işlev, görev, hizmet, amaç, yükümlülük, toplantı

English - Ukrainian - function

n. функція, діяльність, призначення
v. функціонувати, обов'язок: виконувати обов'язки

English - Dutch - function

zn. taak, functie; functionering; gebruik; evenement, gebeurtenis; functie
ww. functioneren; werkzaam zijn; functie bekleden

English - Greek - function

ουσ. λειτουργία, υπούργημα, υπηρεσία, δεξίωση

English - Arabic - function

‏وظيفة، مهنة، دور، عمل، مأدبة، مناسبة عامة، تابع، مهمة‏
‏عمل، أدى، لعب دور‏

English - Chinese - function

(名) 功能, 函数
(动) 活动; 行使职责; 运行

English - Chinese - function

(名) 功能, 函數
(動) 活動; 行使職責; 運行

English - Hindi - function

n. समारोह, उत्सव

English - Japanese - function

(動) 働く; 役目をする
(名) 機能; 職務; 儀式

English - Korean - function

명. 기능, 역할; 사용, 목적; 사회적 모임, 축제
동. 작용하다; 기능을 하다, 구실을 하다; 수행하다

English - Vietnamese - function

n. tác dụng, cơ năng, hàm số, chức vụ
v. chuyển vận
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Synonyms for function
1. reception: celebration, meeting, party
2. duty: business, service, capacity, purpose, office, utility, province
3. perform: act, officiate, go, operate, run, work
Verb forms for function
Present participle: functioning
Present: function (3.person: functions)
Past: functioned
Future: will function
Present conditional: would function
Present Perfect: have functioned (3.person: has functioned)
Past Perfect: had functioned
Future Perfect: will have functioned
Past conditional: would have functioned