n. leave of absence (for a soldier, employee, etc.)
v. give a leave of absence (to a soldier, employee, etc.)
English - Spanish - furlough Pronunciation
s. permiso de ausencia
v. dar permiso a
English - French - furlough Pronunciation
n. congé, permission (armée)
v. donner une permission (armée, etc.)
English - German - furlough Pronunciation
n. Beurlaubung (von der Arbeit, Armee, etc.)
v. beurlauben (Armee, etc.)
English - Italian - furlough Pronunciation
s. licenza, permesso, congedo; (Mar) franchigia
v. accordare una licenza a, mandare in licenza
English - Portuguese - furlough Pronunciation
s. licença (militar)
v. conceder licença (militar)
English - Russian - furlough Pronunciation
с. отпуск
English - Turkish - furlough Pronunciation
f. sıla izni vermek
i. izin, sıla izni
English - Albanian - furlough Pronunciation
n. lejë, leje, liridalje
v. jap: i jap lejë
English - Dutch - furlough Pronunciation
zn. verlof
ww. verlof geven
English - Greek - furlough Pronunciation
ουσ. άδεια απουσίας
ρήμ. δίδω άδειαν απουσίας
English - Chinese - furlough Pronunciation
(名) 休假, 暂时解雇, 放假
(动) 准假; 暂时解雇
English - Chinese - furlough Pronunciation
(名) 休假, 暫時解雇, 放假
(動) 准假; 暫時解雇
English - Japanese - furlough Pronunciation
(動) 休暇を与える(兵士, 従業員など)
(名) 休暇(兵士や従業員など)
English - Korean - furlough Pronunciation
명. 사가
noun: a temporary leave of absence from military duty
verb: dismiss, usually for economic reasons
verb: grant a leave to Example:The prisoner was furloughed for the weekend to visit her children.
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #22276)

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Synonyms for furlough
permit: license, admission, passport, pass, permission, order, ticket
Verb forms for furlough
Present participle: furloughing
Present: furlough (3.person: furloughs)
Past: furloughed
Future: will furlough
Present conditional: would furlough
Present Perfect: have furloughed (3.person: has furloughed)
Past Perfect: had furloughed
Future Perfect: will have furloughed
Past conditional: would have furloughed