Definition of gale Pronunciation
1. To sing; charm; enchant.
2. To cry; groan; croak.
3. To talk.
4. To call.
5. To sing; utter with musical modulations.
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English - English - gale Pronunciation
n. tempest, strong wind; sudden outburst; wave, fit (i.e. of laughter)
n. Gael, person from the Scottish Highlands, Celt
n. scab, scabies, mange
English - Spanish - gale Pronunciation
s. vendaval, temporal, ventarrón
English - French - gale Pronunciation
n. rafale, coup de vent; tempête; myrte des marais; cascade de rires
English - German - gale Pronunciation
n. Sturm; Ausbruch; Anfall (wie Lachanfall)
English - Italian - gale Pronunciation
s. (Meteor) vento fortissimo; (Mar) burrasca; (fig) scoppio, scroscio; (poet) brezza, zefiro
English - Portuguese - gale Pronunciation
s. ventania, tempestade; invasão, revolta; onda (por exemplo: onda de risos)
English - Russian - gale Pronunciation
с. штормовой ветер, ветер от семи до десяти баллов, буря
English - Turkish - gale Pronunciation
i. mersin ağacı, bora, fırtına, şiddetli rüzgâr, reçineli bataklık ağacı
French - English - gale Pronunciation
(f) n. scab, scabies, mange
English - Dutch - gale Pronunciation
zn. storm; uitbarsting (van lach)
English - Greek - gale Pronunciation
ουσ. σφοδρός άνεμος, θύελλα, φουρτούνα
French - Spanish - gale Pronunciation
1. (science vétérinaire) sarna (f)
2. (médecine) sarna (f)
French - German - gale Pronunciation
n. krätze, räude
French - Italian - gale Pronunciation
1. (science vétérinaire) rogna (f); scabbia (f)
2. (médecine) scabbia (f); rogna (f)
French - Portuguese - gale Pronunciation
1. (science vétérinaire) sarna (f); gafeira (f)
2. (médecine) sarna (f); escabiose (f)
French - Russian - gale Pronunciation
n. чесотка (f), парша (f)
French - Dutch - gale Pronunciation
1. (science vétérinaire) schurft (m/f/n)
2. (médecine) schurft (m/f/n)
English - Chinese - gale Pronunciation
(名) 狂风, 定期租金, 大风
English - Chinese - gale Pronunciation
(名) 狂風, 定期租金, 大風
English - Japanese - gale Pronunciation
(名) 強風, 爆風; 爆発; 爆笑
English - Korean - gale Pronunciation
명. 질풍, 강풍; 돌발; 격발 ( 웃음 등의)

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Synonyms for gale
wind: storm, squall, blast, typhoon, hurricane, gust, breeze