French - English - gare Pronunciation
interj. be careful!, watch out!
German - English - gare Pronunciation
] v. ferment, cause to undergo fermentation; cook, prepare food by heating
Italian - English - gare Pronunciation
n. sports
Portuguese - English - gare Pronunciation
n. platform, flat surface that is raised above the surrounding area
French - Spanish - gare Pronunciation
(chemins de fer) estación de ferrocarril
French - German - gare Pronunciation
n. bahnhof
French - Italian - gare Pronunciation
(chemins de fer) stazione (f)
French - Portuguese - gare Pronunciation
(chemins de fer) estação (f); estação de trem
French - Russian - gare Pronunciation
n. вокзал (f), станция (f)
French - Turkish - gare Pronunciation
[la] gar; istasyon; (gemi için) barınak
German - Russian - gare Pronunciation
n. брожение (f)
German - Turkish - gare Pronunciation
i. biçerbağlar (f)
French - Dutch - gare Pronunciation
(chemins de fer) station (n)
German - Dutch - gare Pronunciation
gaar ,gare

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Synonyms for gare
1. attention
2. station
3. gare aérienne