Definition of gayly Pronunciation
1. Cheerfully; in a gay manner.
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English - English - gayly Pronunciation
adv. happily, joyfully, cheerfully; with bright colors or decorations; flamboyantly (also gaily)
English - German - gayly Pronunciation
heiter, vergnügt
English - Indonesian - gayly Pronunciation
adv. riang: dgn riang, gembira: dgn gembira
English - Italian - gayly Pronunciation
avv. allegramente, giulivamente; vivacemente; vistosamente
English - Russian - gayly Pronunciation
нареч. беспечально
English - Dutch - gayly Pronunciation
bw. blij, vreugdig, vrolijk; met heldere kleuren en versieringen; opzichtig
English - Chinese - gayly Pronunciation
adv. 欢乐地 (huan1 le4 de5), 华丽地 (hua2 lı4 de5), 华美地 (hua2 meı3 de5)
English - Chinese - gayly Pronunciation
adv. 歡樂地 (huan1 le4 de5), 華麗地 (hua2 lı4 de5), 華美地 (hua2 meı3 de5)

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