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English English - Definition of genius 
n. great mental ability; one with great mental ability, very intelligent or talented person; great natural ability, talent
n. guardian angel or spirit (Roman Mythology); one who has much influence over another person; (Islamic Mythology) jinni
n. Muse, poet's source of inspiration (Greek Mythology); spirit, guardian, protector, custodian
Spanish English To Spanish - genius 
s. genialidad, genio, intelecto, talento natural
s. genio, angel o espíritu guardián (Mitología Romana); aquel que tiene mucha inflencia sobre otras personas; (Mitología Islámica) genio
French English To French - genius 
n. génie; talent; bon génie
n. génie, ange gardien, esprit (Mythologie); personne qui a de l'influeunce sur une autre personne, djinn , démon (Mythologie islamique)
German English To German - genius 
n. Genie; Genialität; Genie; Begabung; Schutzengel; naturbegabte Person
n. Genius, Schutzengel oder Geist (Griechische Mythologie); Person viel Einfluss auf eine andere person ausübend; (islamische Mythologie) Dschinn, Flaschengeist
Italian English To Italian - genius 
s. genio, ricchezza d'ingegno, talento; persona di genio, persona geniale, persona d'ingegno; attitudine, disposizione; carattere distintivo; divinità tutelare
s. genio, angelo o spirito guardiano (mitol. romana); individuo che ha grande influenza su un altro; (mitol. islam.)jinni
Portuguese English To Portuguese - genius 
s. gênio; genialidade; capacidade; talento; anjo-da-guarda
s. anjo da guarda, espírito protetor (Mitologia Romana); pessoa que tem grande influência sobre outra; (Mitologia Islâmica) jinni
Russian English To Russian - genius 
с. одаренность, гениальность, гений, гениальный человек, гениальная личность, чувства, настроения, дух времени
Turkish English To Turkish - genius 
i. deha, dahi, dahilik, yaratıcılık, görüş, düşünce yapısı, koruyucu melek, ruh
English German To English - genius 
n. genius, guardian spirit
English Dutch To English - genius 
n. genius, mastermind, very intelligent or talented person
Dutch English To Dutch - genius 
zn. groot verstandelijk vermogen; genie; talent, getalenteerd iemand; groot natuurlijk vermogen, talent
zn. beschermengel of geest (Romeinse Mythologie); iemand die veel invloed op een ander heeft; (Islamitische Mythologie), jinnie
Greek English To Greek - genius 
ουσ. δαιμόνιο πνεύμα, ιδιοφυία, μεγαλοφυία
French Dutch To French - genius 
(sprookje) djinn (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - genius 
(名) 天才; 天才人物; 天赋
ChineseT English To ChineseT - genius 
(名) 天才; 天才人物; 天賦
Japanese English To Japanese - genius 
(名) 天才, 高い知能; 天分のある人; すばらしい才能
(名) 守護神(ローマ神話); 他人に多大な影響を及ぼす人; (イスラム神話)精霊
Korean English To Korean - genius 
명. 천재력; 천재, 특수한 재능을 가진 사람; 특수한 재능, 특징; 수호신, 요정
ChineseS German To ChineseS - genius 
[der] pl.Genien ①天才。天资。天赋。②天才人物。有非凡创造力的人。
French German To French - genius 
n. esprit (m), génie (m)
Italian German To Italian - genius 
n. genio (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - genius 
n. genio (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - genius 
i. deha (m), koruyucu melek (m)
noun: exceptional creative ability
noun: someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality Example:Mozart was a child genius.
noun: unusual mental ability
noun: a natural talent Example:He has a genius for interior decorating.
noun: someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field


 Synonyms for genius
1. spirit:
2. intellect: ability, aptitude, brains, gift, propensity, talent, acumen
3. prodigy: brain, adept, intellect

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