English - Definiton of gentry Pronunciation
n. people of good birth and breeding; aristocracy
n. gentry, people of good birth and breeding; aristocracy
English - Spanish - gentry Pronunciation
s. aristocracia, clase acomodada, clase alta, élite
English - French - gentry Pronunciation
n. gens de la haute société
English - German - gentry Pronunciation
n. Oberschicht, Gentry, Aristokratie, Adel
English - Italian - gentry Pronunciation
s. persone di buona famiglia; piccola nobiltà
English - Portuguese - gentry Pronunciation
s. diz-se dos pertencentes à classe social mais elevada, gentis
English - Russian - gentry Pronunciation
с. дворянство, определенная группа людей
English - Turkish - gentry Pronunciation
i. üst tabaka, seçkinler, kibar tabaka
German - English - gentry Pronunciation
n. people of good birth and breeding; aristocracy
English - Albanian - gentry Pronunciation
n. zotërinjtë
English - Dutch - gentry Pronunciation
zn. lagere adel, van betere stand
English - Greek - gentry Pronunciation
ουσ. οι ευγενείς
German - Italian - gentry Pronunciation
n. nobiltà: piccola nobiltà (f)
German - Turkish - gentry Pronunciation
yüksek sinif, kibar sinif
Dutch - French - gentry Pronunciation
(algemeen) petite noblesse (f)
English - Chinese - gentry Pronunciation
(名) 绅士阶级; 上等阶级
English - Chinese - gentry Pronunciation
(名) 紳士階級; 上等階級
English - Japanese - gentry Pronunciation
(名) 上流階級の人々; 紳士階級; 人々
English - Korean - gentry Pronunciation
명. 상류 사회, 패거리
noun: the most powerful members of a society
name: A surname (common: 1 in 5555 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #674)
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Synonyms for gentry
people of high social standing: high society, bourgeoisie, highborn, aristocracy, nobility