adj. of a gesture, of a gesticulation
English - Spanish - gestural Pronunciation
adj. referente a un gesto
English - French - gestural Pronunciation
adj. gestuel, relatif au geste, particulier à la gesticulation
English - German - gestural Pronunciation
adj. Geste betreffend
English - Italian - gestural Pronunciation
agg. gesturale, dei gesti
English - Portuguese - gestural Pronunciation
adj. referente a gestos
English - Russian - gestural Pronunciation
прил. жестикуляционный
English - Turkish - gestural Pronunciation
el hareketleriyle
English - Dutch - gestural Pronunciation
bn. van gebaren
English - Greek - gestural Pronunciation
(Lex**) gestural
English - Chinese - gestural Pronunciation
(形) 手势的; 示意动作的
English - Chinese - gestural Pronunciation
(形) 手勢的; 示意動作的
English - Japanese - gestural Pronunciation
(形) ジェスチャーの
adjective: being other than verbal communication Example:The study of gestural communication.
adjective: used of the language of the deaf.

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