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Spanish English To Spanish - get in 
v. entrar, introducir, entrar: hacer entrar, encajar, recoger, plantar, recaudar, decir, lograr decir, obtener, lograr dar, llegar a casa, regresar
French English To French - get in 
get in
German English To German - get in 
v. hineinkommen, hereinkommen, einsteigen, hineinlegen : sich hineinlegen, gewählt werden, ankommen, haus : nach hause kommen, unterbringen, einbringen, eintreiben, hereinholen, hineinholen, bekommen, einreichen, abgeben, einpflanzen, säen, mitnehmen, haus : ins haus bringen, kommen lassen
Italian English To Italian - get in 
v. entrare, introdurre
Portuguese English To Portuguese - get in 
v. entrar, chegar
Russian English To Russian - get in 
а. входить, вносить, вводить, б. пройти на выборах, в. сажать (семена)
г. убирать (сено, урожай) The farmers are getting the crops in now they are ripe. д. нанести удар е. вернуть (долги и т. п.) ж. войти в пай, участвовать
(on - в) Alice is always wanting to get in on the act. It's a good idea to get in at the start, whatever you're doing. з. вставлять (слова), вворачивать
Turkish English To Turkish - get in 
f. girmek, içeri girmek, içeriye girmek, seçilmek
Albanian English To Albanian - get in 
v. hyj, vë, fus
Dutch English To Dutch - get in 
ww. binnenkomen, instappen, binnenhalen, gekozen worden
Greek English To Greek - get in 
ρήμ. εκλέγομαι, μπαίνω, φθάνω, εισέρχομαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - get in 
v. 进 (jın4), 扎 (zha1), 积储 (jı1 chu3), 积存 (jı1 cun2)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - get in 
v. 進 (jın4), 紮 (zha1), 積儲 (jı1 chu3), 積存 (jı1 cun2)
verb: secure a place in a college, university, etc.
verb: move into (a station) of trains
verb: succeed in a big way; get to the top
verb: to come or go into
verb: to surrender someone or something to another


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