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English English - Definition of giro 
n. (British) credit transfer system between public institutions
n. giro, endorsement
v. turn, spin; gyrate, rotate, revolve; whirl, wind, swirl, swing; reel; go round, round, wander; stir; endorse, indorse
German English To German - giro 
n. Giro, Kredittransfer zwischen öffentliche Institutionen
Italian English To Italian - giro 
s. giroconto, bancogiro, sistema di trasferimento monetario in una stessa banca o fra banche collegate
Portuguese English To Portuguese - giro 
s. (Britânico) sistema de transferência de crédito entre instituições públicas
Russian English To Russian - giro 
с. жиро
Turkish English To Turkish - giro 
i. ciro, banka ve postane arası havale
English German To English - giro 
n. endorsement, indorsation, indorsement, giro
English Italian To English - giro 
n. turn, turning, spin, slew, slue, lap, round, trip, tour, walk, stroll
English Portuguese To English - giro 
n. circuit, gyre, meander, spin, stroll
English Spanish To English - giro 
[giro (m)] n. gyration, circular movement, whirling, rotation; gyre, circular turn, whirl
English Dutch To English - giro 
n. giro, endorsement, indorsation, indorsement
Dutch English To Dutch - giro 
zn. giro
French Dutch To French - giro 
(bankwezen) service de comptes postaux; C.C.P. (m); compte chèque postal
ChineseS German To ChineseS - giro 
[das] pl.Giros 划账。转帐。背书转让。
French German To French - giro 
n. virement (m)
Italian German To Italian - giro 
n. girata (f), giro (m)
Russian German To Russian - giro 
n. жиро (n), индоссамент (n)
Spanish German To Spanish - giro 
n. endoso (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - giro 
i. ciro (n)
French Italian To French - giro 
1. (intrattenimento) tour (m); promenade (f) 2. (viaggiare) tour (m)
3. (movimento) tour (m) 4. (automobili) promenade (f); promenade en voiture
5. (commercio) tournée (f)
German Italian To German - giro 
n. umdrehung, drehung, rundfahrt, runde, kurve, windung, wende, fahrt, tour, kehrtwendung, kehre, reise, umkreisung, intrige, lage, dreh, umlauf, rundgang, umweg, bogen, gang, ausflug, bummel, austritt, umfang, kreislauf, verlauf, betrug, giro
French Portuguese To French - giro 
1. (movimento) tour (m); giration (f)
2. (automóveis) balade en voiture
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - giro 
n. 翻轉 (fan1 zhuan3), 旋回 (xuan2 huı2), 旋轉 (xuan2 zhuan3), 次序 (cı4 xu4), 稿 (gao3)
French Spanish To French - giro 
1. (hecho) tournure (f)
2. (banca) traite (f)
3. (movimiento) giration (f); tourbillon (m) 4. (dinero) remise (f); versement (m); paiement (m)
German Spanish To German - giro 
n. kreisbewegung, kreislauf, umlauf, umdrehung, drehung, wendung, schwenkung, ziehung, trassierung, tratte, überweisung, anweisung, umsatz, ansatz, windung, tour, schraube, redewendung, redensart, ausdruck, schmiss, drohung, prahlerei
a. gelblich
Korean Spanish To Korean - giro 
n. 돌기, 회전, 원운동, 윤생체
Russian Spanish To Russian - giro 
n. вращение, поворот, оборот
noun: a British financial system in which a bank or a post office transfers money from one account to another when they receive authorization to do so
noun: a check given by the British government to someone who is unemployed; it can be cashed either at a bank or at the post office


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