Definitions and translations for "give it a shot"

Definition of give it a shot

1. Try or attempt (something).
I don’t think it will work, but I suppose you could give it a shot.
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English - English - give it a shot

(Slang) make an attempt, endeavor, make an effort

English - French - give it a shot

s'efforcer, essayer, faire un effort; tenter

English - German - give it a shot

(Slang) der Sache eine Chance geben, einen Versuch wagen

English - Italian - give it a shot

(slang) far un tentativo, fare uno sforzo

English - Portuguese - give it a shot

(Gíria) fazer uma tentativa

English - Turkish - give it a shot

denemek, şansını denemek

English - Dutch - give it a shot

(Slang) een poging doen, pogen, proberen

English - Japanese - give it a shot


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