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English English - Definition of glamourous 
adj. charming, fascinating, alluring; having glamour; magical (also glamorous)
Spanish English To Spanish - glamourous 
French English To French - glamourous 
adj. charmeur, enchanteur; fascinateur; prestigieux; glamoureux, séduisant
Italian English To Italian - glamourous 
agg. affascinante, attraente
Portuguese English To Portuguese - glamourous 
adj. glamoroso, fascinante, sedutor; mágico
Russian English To Russian - glamourous 
прил. обаятельный, очаровательный, чарующий, эффектный
Turkish English To Turkish - glamourous 
s., İng., bak. glamorous.
Albanian English To Albanian - glamourous 
adj. magjepsës, joshës
Greek English To Greek - glamourous 
Επιθ. γοητευτικός, μαγευτικός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - glamourous 
adj. 富有魅力的 (fu4 you3 meı4 lı4 de5), 妩媚 (wu3 meı4), 艳 (yan4), 豔 (yan4)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - glamourous 
adj. 富有魅力的 (fu4 you3 meı4 lı4 de5), 嫵媚 (wu3 meı4), 艷 (yan4), 豔 (yan4)
Korean English To Korean - glamourous 
형. 매력이 넘치는
adjective: having an air of allure, romance and excitement


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