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English English - Definition of gloominess 
n. dimness, darkness; greyness; sadness, depression, melancholy
Spanish English To Spanish - gloominess 
s. lobreguez, lugubres
French English To French - gloominess 
n. assombrissement (du ciel); obscurité; tristesse; dépression
German English To German - gloominess 
n. Düsterheit, Finsterkeit; Trübsinn; Melancholie
Italian English To Italian - gloominess 
s. oscurità, buio, tenebre; (fig) tristezza, malinconia, depressione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - gloominess 
s. escuridão (por exemplo do céu); melancolia; tristeza; depressão
Russian English To Russian - gloominess 
с. мрачность, унылость
Turkish English To Turkish - gloominess 
i. karanlık, kasvet, hüzün, loşluk, keder, sıkıntı
Dutch English To Dutch - gloominess 
zn. duisternis (zoals van de lucht); schemering; droevigheid; depressie
Greek English To Greek - gloominess 
ουσ. κατήφεια
ChineseS English To ChineseS - gloominess 
(名) 阴暗; 忧郁
ChineseT English To ChineseT - gloominess 
(名) 陰暗; 憂鬱
Japanese English To Japanese - gloominess 
(名) 暗さ; 陰気; 悲哀
Korean English To Korean - gloominess 
명. 어두움; 침울, 음울
noun: excessive sadness and mournfulness
noun: a feeling of melancholy apprehension
noun: an atmosphere of depression and melancholy.


 Synonyms for gloominess
gloom: dimness, obscurity, shade, shadow, darkness, dark

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