Definition of gluon Pronunciation
1. A massless gauge boson that binds quarks together to form baryons, mesons and other hadrons and is associated with the strong nuclear force.
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English - English - gluon Pronunciation
n. elementary particle that binds quarks
n. gluon, elementary particle that binds quarks
English - Spanish - gluon Pronunciation
English - French - gluon Pronunciation
n. gluon, particule élémentaire quantique qui intervient dans les interactions fortes entre les quarks
English - German - gluon Pronunciation
n. Gluon, Wechselwirkung zwischen Quarks erzeugendes Elementarteilchen
English - Italian - gluon Pronunciation
s. gluone, particola elementare che unisce i quark
English - Portuguese - gluon Pronunciation
s. partícula elementar que conecta quarks (Física - uma das partículas fundamentais da matéria)
English - Russian - gluon Pronunciation
English - Turkish - gluon Pronunciation
French - English - gluon Pronunciation
(m) n. gluon, elementary particle that binds quarks
English - Dutch - gluon Pronunciation
zn. elementair deeltje dat verantwoordelijk is voor het overbrengen van de sterke kernkracht, elementair deeltje dat quarks verbindt
English - Chinese - gluon Pronunciation
[物理] 膠子.
English - Japanese - gluon Pronunciation
(名) グルーオン, クォークを結ぶ素粒子

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