Definition of go for Pronunciation
1. For
I'll go for some milk.
If John goes for three days without sleep, he will be very tired.
My wife hates football, and that goes for me as well.
I'll go for a swim if it's warm enough.
I need to go for a checkup at the clinic.
Tickets are going for upwards of $100.
2. To try for, to attempt to reach.
I'll go for the world record.
Go for it!
3. To undertake (an action).
His phone was off so I couldn't ask his permission, so I decided to just go for it.
4. To attack.
Careful, he'll go for your throat!
5. To develop a strong interest in, especially in a sudden manner; to be infatuated with.
Clyde took one look at Bonnie and really went for her.
6. To favor, accept.
Management won't go for such a risky project now.
"Do you want to climb the mountain with me?" ― "Yeah, I could go for that."
7. To apply equally to.
Stop taking my food from the fridge! That goes for you too, Nick!
What I'm about to say goes for all of you.
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English - English - go for Pronunciation
try to obtain, try to attain, attempt, set about
English - Spanish - go for Pronunciation
Ir a buscar; Meterse con; Entusiasmarse por
English - French - go for Pronunciation
essayer d'obtenir
English - German - go for Pronunciation
losgehen auf
English - Indonesian - go for Pronunciation
v. mengejar, menyerbu, tertarik kpd, dijual
English - Italian - go for Pronunciation
restare, avanzare
English - Polish - go for Pronunciation
v. zaatakować
English - Romanian - go for Pronunciation
v. duce: se duce după, merge să caute, urmări, intra în, ataca, preţui
English - Russian - go for Pronunciation
г. идти за, стремиться к, быть принятым за, иметь цену, обрушиться на, направляться, стоить цену, наброситься на
English - Turkish - go for Pronunciation
çabalamak, gayret etmek, bulmak, çıkmak, gezmeye çıkmak, geçerli olmak, sataşmak, dil uzatmak, takdir etmek
English - Ukrainian - go for Pronunciation
v. накинутися, замінити, захоплюватися, простувати
English - Dutch - go for Pronunciation
proberen te bereiken
English - Greek - go for Pronunciation
πάω να φέρω, ρίχνομαι εναντίον
English - Arabic - go for Pronunciation
English - Chinese - go for Pronunciation
抨击; 想得到; 对...适用
English - Chinese - go for Pronunciation
抨擊; 想得到; 對...適用
English - Hindi - go for Pronunciation
v. कोशिश करना, प्रयत्न करना, चाहना, झपटना, टूट पड़ना, हमला करना
English - Japanese - go for Pronunciation
取りに行く; …しに行く; …で売れる; 攻撃する
English - Korean - go for Pronunciation
...을 가지러 가다, ...을 부르러 가다, ...을 구하러 가다, ...을 얻으려고 노력하다, ...을 지지하다, ...로서 통하다, ...로서 통용되다, ...에 적용되다

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Synonyms for go for
go after: get, retrieve, obtain, bring, carry, lug, fetch