English - Definiton of go for Pronunciation
try to obtain, try to attain, attempt, set about
English - Spanish - go for Pronunciation
Ir a buscar; Meterse con; Entusiasmarse por
English - French - go for Pronunciation
essayer d'obtenir
English - German - go for Pronunciation
losgehen auf
English - Italian - go for Pronunciation
restare, avanzare
English - Russian - go for Pronunciation
г. идти за, стремиться к, быть принятым за, иметь цену, обрушиться на, направляться, стоить цену, наброситься на
English - Turkish - go for Pronunciation
çabalamak, gayret etmek, bulmak, çıkmak, gezmeye çıkmak, geçerli olmak, sataşmak, dil uzatmak, takdir etmek
English - Albanian - go for Pronunciation
v. përpiqem të kap, tërheqem, sulem, vlen
English - Dutch - go for Pronunciation
proberen te bereiken
English - Greek - go for Pronunciation
πάω να φέρω, ρίχνομαι εναντίον
English - Chinese - go for Pronunciation
抨击; 想得到; 对...适用
English - Chinese - go for Pronunciation
抨擊; 想得到; 對...適用
English - Japanese - go for Pronunciation
取りに行く; …しに行く; …で売れる; 攻撃する
English - Korean - go for Pronunciation
...을 가지러 가다, ...을 부르러 가다, ...을 구하러 가다, ...을 얻으려고 노력하다, ...을 지지하다, ...로서 통하다, ...로서 통용되다, ...에 적용되다
verb: intend with some possibility of fulfilment
verb: make an attempt at achieving something
verb: have a fancy or particular liking or desire for
verb: be pertinent or relevant or applicable Example:The same rules go for everyone.
verb: give an affirmative reply to; respond favorably to Example:I go for this resolution.

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Synonyms for go for
go after: get, retrieve, obtain, bring, carry, lug, fetch