Definition of goa Pronunciation
1. The Tibetan gazelle, Procapra picticaudata, a species of antelope that inhabits the Tibetan Plateau.
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n. species of gazelle that is native to Tibet
n. state on the western shore of India
n. Goa, city located on the western shore of India
English - Spanish - goa Pronunciation
s. goa, especie de gacela nativa del Tibet
s. Goa, ciudad localizada sobre la costa oeste de la India
English - French - goa Pronunciation
n. Goa, ville située sur la côte ouest de l'Inde
English - German - goa Pronunciation
n. Goa, Gazellensorte die in Tibet heimisch ist
n. Goa, Stadt an der westlichen Küste von Indien
English - Portuguese - goa Pronunciation
[Goa] s. Goa, cidade localizada no litoral oeste da Índia
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Indonesian - English - goa
n. cave, grotto, den
Portuguese - English - goa Pronunciation
n. Goa, city located on the western shore of India
English - Japanese - goa Pronunciation
(名) ゴア, インドの西海岸にある都市
(名) ゴア, チベットに生息するガゼルの種
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