Definition of goading Pronunciation
1. A verbalization that encourages you to attempt something.
The ceaseless prodding got on his nerves.
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English - English - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. tease, drive, urge; cattle-prod, prodding-stick
English - Spanish - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. incitar, acicatear, acuciar; aguijonear, aguijar, espolear, espuelear
English - French - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. aiguillonner
English - German - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. antreiben, anstacheln
English - Italian - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. pungolare, stimolare, spronare
English - Portuguese - goading Pronunciation
[goad] v. incitar, levar à ação, estimular; aguilhoar
English - Russian - goading Pronunciation
[goad] г. подгонять, побуждать [перен.], подстрекать
English - Turkish - goading Pronunciation
i. dürtme
English - Dutch - goading Pronunciation
[goad] ww. drijven, aanzetten, prikkelen
English - Greek - goading Pronunciation
[goad] ρήμ. κεντώ, παροτρύνω
English - Chinese - goading Pronunciation
[goad] (动) 刺激; 唆使; 驱使; 驱赶
English - Chinese - goading Pronunciation
[goad] (動) 刺激; 唆使; 驅使; 驅趕
English - Japanese - goading Pronunciation
[goad] (動) 駆立てる; 刺激して…させる; 突く
English - Korean - goading Pronunciation
[goad] 동. 막대기로 찌르다, 막대기로 몰다

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