Definition of goal area Pronunciation
1. The area of the pitch, extending six yards from the goal, from which a goal kick is taken.
2. A semicircle in front of the goal designed to allow the goalie to perform free from interference. Exact rules vary according to the league.
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English - English - goal area Pronunciation
goal zone, area around the goal on a soccer field, penalty area
English - Spanish - goal area Pronunciation
s. área de gol
English - French - goal area Pronunciation
cage de but (zone près du but sur un terrain de football, zone 16)
English - German - goal area Pronunciation
English - Italian - goal area Pronunciation
zona della rete (vicino alla rete del calcio)
English - Portuguese - goal area Pronunciation
área do gol (a área do lado do gol no campo de futebol, área dos dezesseis metros)
English - Turkish - goal area Pronunciation
kale önü
English - Dutch - goal area Pronunciation
doelgebied (gebied bij het doel van voetbalveld)
English - Japanese - goal area Pronunciation

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