English - English - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] n. one of two posts that form a goal (Sports)
English - Spanish - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] s. poste de la portería
English - French - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] n. pilier de support du but (sport)
English - German - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] n. Torpfosten
English - Italian - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] s. palo della porta
English - Portuguese - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] s. poste vertical da trave
English - Russian - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] с. стойка ворот
English - Turkish - goalposts Pronunciation
kale direkleri
English - Dutch - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] zn. doelpaal
English - Greek - goalposts Pronunciation
Ουσ. δοκάρι ποδοσφαιρικού τέρματος
English - Chinese - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] (名) 门柱
English - Chinese - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] (名) 門柱
English - Japanese - goalposts Pronunciation
[goalpost] (名) ゴールポスト(スポーツ)

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