Definition of gobbler Pronunciation
1. A turkey.
1. A male turkey; a tom; a stag; a jake.
2. One who eats food very quickly, without decorum.
My dog is such a gobbler: she can empty her food dish in less than a minute.
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English - English - gobbler Pronunciation
n. young male turkey; person or thing which eats quickly and greedily
English - Spanish - gobbler Pronunciation
s. pavo joven
English - French - gobbler Pronunciation
n. dindon jeune
English - German - gobbler Pronunciation
n. Puter, junger Truthahn
English - Indonesian - gobbler Pronunciation
n. kalkun jantan
English - Italian - gobbler Pronunciation
s. trangugiatore
English - Portuguese - gobbler Pronunciation
s. comilão, peru
English - Romanian - gobbler Pronunciation
n. curcan, mâncău, om mâncăcios
English - Russian - gobbler Pronunciation
с. индюк
English - Turkish - gobbler Pronunciation
i. çabucak yiyen kimse, lüp lüp yiyen kimse, baba hindi
English - Ukrainian - gobbler Pronunciation
n. індик, маламура
English - Dutch - gobbler Pronunciation
zn. kleine kalkoen
English - Greek - gobbler Pronunciation
ουσ. άρρην κούρκος, αρσενικός κούρκος, γάλος, αρσενικό γαλλόπουλο
English - Chinese - gobbler Pronunciation
(名) 雄火鸡
English - Chinese - gobbler Pronunciation
(名) 雄火雞
English - Hindi - gobbler Pronunciation
n. जल्दी से निगलनेवाला
English - Japanese - gobbler Pronunciation
(名) 若い七面鳥の雄; がつがつ食う人
English - Korean - gobbler Pronunciation
명. 칠면조의 수컷
English - Vietnamese - gobbler Pronunciation
n. người ăn tạp

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