Definition of gooey Pronunciation
1. Of or relating to goo
2. Soft, sticky and viscous
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English - English - gooey Pronunciation
adj. sticky; covered with goo; overly sentimental (Slang)
English - Spanish - gooey Pronunciation
adj. pegajoso o viscoso (familismo); pegajoso; demasiado sentimental
English - French - gooey Pronunciation
adj. gluant (argot); collant et sucré; excessivement sentimental
English - German - gooey Pronunciation
adj. klebrig, matschig, weich; zu sentimental
English - Italian - gooey Pronunciation
agg. (sl) appiccicoso; sdolcinato, melenso
English - Portuguese - gooey Pronunciation
adj. grudento (gíria); grudento e doce; muito sentimental
English - Russian - gooey Pronunciation
прил. липкий, липкий и сладкий, клейкий, сентиментальный
English - Turkish - gooey Pronunciation
s. yapışkan ve tatlı, aşırı duygusal
English - Albanian - gooey Pronunciation
adj. ngjitës, sentimental
English - Dutch - gooey Pronunciation
bn. kleverig (slang); kleverig en zoet; te sentimenteel
English - Greek - gooey Pronunciation
επίθ. κολλώδης
English - Chinese - gooey Pronunciation
(形) 胶粘的; 感伤的
English - Chinese - gooey Pronunciation
(形) 膠粘的; 感傷的
English - Japanese - gooey Pronunciation
(形) ねばねばした; べとべとした; いやに感傷的な(俗語)
English - Korean - gooey Pronunciation
형. 끈적끈적한; 엿으로 뒤덮힌; 지나치게 감상적인(속어)

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Synonyms for gooey
doughy: sticky, gluey, gummy, viscous, gelatinous, pasty, adhesive