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English English - Definition of gore 
n. blood shed from a wound (especially clotted blood); bloodshed, violence; tapered piece of cloth; small triangular piece of land
v. pierce with horns or tusks; insert a tapered piece of fabric
n. family name; Al Gore (born 1948), vice president of the United States during the Clinton administration, former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate
Spanish English To Spanish - gore 
s. pitonazo; sangre coagulada
v. cornear, acornar, acornear, dar cornadas, dar de corneadas, dar una cornada a, empitonar
French English To French - gore 
n. sang; sang résultant de blessures; violence, massacre; godet, morceau de tissu; part de terre triangulaire
v. encorner, percer à coup de cornes
n. Gore, nom de famille; Al Gore (né en 1948), vice-président des Etats-Unis durant le mandat de Clinton, ancien membre de la Chambre des représentants et sénateur américain
German English To German - gore 
n. Zwickel, Keil; Blutgerinnsel; Blutvergießen, Brutalität
v. durchbohren; aufspießen
n. Gore, Nachname; Al Gore, (geboren 1948) Vizepräsident der USA während der Clinton Präsidentschaft, ehemaliges Mitglied des amerikanischen Representantenhaus und des US Senats
Italian English To Italian - gore 
s. sangue; sangue rappreso
v. tagliare in forma triangolare; inserire un gherone in
s. Al Gore (1948), vice presidente degli Stati Uniti durante l'amministrazione Clinton, ex membro della Camera dei Rappresentanti e del Senato degli Stati Uniti
Portuguese English To Portuguese - gore 
s. sangue coagulado; tipo de tecido
v. ferir com algo pontiagudo
s. Gore, sobrenome; Al Gore (nascido em 1948), vice-presidente dos E.U.A. durante o governo de Bill Clinton, ex-deputado e ex-senador
Russian English To Russian - gore 
с. кровь, запекшаяся кровь, свернувшаяся кровь; клин, ластовица, участок земли клином
г. придавать форму клина, вставлять клин, вшивать клин; бодать, забодать; пронзать, пронзить (клыками), пробить
Turkish English To Turkish - gore 
f. peş koymak, peş kesmek, boynuzlamak, süsmek, fildişi ile yaralamak
i. kan pıhtısı, peş (kumaş), üçgen kumaş
Albanian English To Albanian - gore 
n. gjak i dredhur, gjak i piksur, ngastër toke
v. çaj me brirë
Dutch English To Dutch - gore 
zn. geronnen bloed; doorboren (met de horens spietsen); geer (spits toelopende stof)
ww. doorboren (met de horens)
Greek English To Greek - gore 
ουσ. πηχτό αίμα, αίμα πηκτό, τριγωνικό τεμάχιο
ρήμ. ξεκοιλιάζω, τρυπώ διά των κεράτων, τρυπώ με κέρατα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - gore 
(名) 血; 血块; 凝血#三角形布; 三角形地带
(动) 用角抵破; 用獠牙刺破
ChineseT English To ChineseT - gore 
(名) 血; 血塊; 凝血#三角形布; 三角形地帶
(動) 用角抵破; 用獠牙刺破
Japanese English To Japanese - gore 
(動) 角で突き刺す; 三角きんにする
(名) 傷口から流れた血(とくに凝血); 流血の, 暴力的な; 三角きん; 三角形の土地
(名) ゴア, アル ゴア(1948年生まれ), クリントン政権時代の米国の副大統領, 前米国議会のメンバー
Korean English To Korean - gore 
명. 핏덩어리, 삼각형의 헝겊 조각
동. 뿔로 받다, 뿔로 물다, 엄니로 받다, 엄니로 물다, ...에 이음천을 대다
noun: a triangular piece of cloth
noun: coagulated blood from a wound
noun: vice president of the United States under Bill Clinton (born in 1948)
noun: the shedding of blood resulting in murder
verb: wound by piercing with a sharp or penetrating object or instrument
verb: cut into gores Example:Gore a skirt.
name: A surname (common: 1 in 9090 families; popularity rank in the U.S.: #1111)


 Synonyms for gore
blood and guts: blood, guts, bloodshed, carnage, butchery, massacre, killing
Tenses for gore
Present participle: goring
Present: gore (3.person: gores)
Past: gored
Future: will gore
Present conditional: would gore
Present Perfect: have gored (3.person: has gored)
Past Perfect: had gored
Future Perfect: will have gored
Past conditional: would have gored

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