Definition of governor Pronunciation
1. The leader of a region or state that is a member of a federation or an empire. In Rome, they were endorsed by the emperor and appointed by the Senate. In the modern United States, they are elected by the people of that state.
2. A device which regulates or controls some action of a machine through automatic feedback.
3. A member of a decision-making for an organization or entity (including some public agencies) similar to or equivalent to a board of directors (used especially for banks); a member of the board of governors.
The seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate.
4. Father.
5. Boss, employer.
6. A constituent of a phrase that governs another.
7. One who has the care or guardianship of a young man; a tutor; a guardian.
8. A pilot; a steersman.
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English - English - governor Pronunciation
n. one who governs; executive head of a state (USA); device which automatically regulates speed (Machinery)
English - Spanish - governor Pronunciation
s. gobernador, alcaide, bajá, bajalato
English - French - governor Pronunciation
n. gouverneur, supérieur; régulateur (d'une voiture)
English - German - governor Pronunciation
n. Herrscher; Gouverneur; Leiter; Ventil; Regler
English - Indonesian - governor Pronunciation
n. pemimpin, gubernur, patih, alat pengatur
English - Italian - governor Pronunciation
s. governatore; sovraintendente; (sl) padrone, capo, (fam) principale; (sl) padre; (Mecc) regolatore
English - Polish - governor Pronunciation
n. gubernator, komendant, naczelnik, regulator {techn.}
English - Portuguese - governor Pronunciation
s. governador; tutor; regulador (de carro)
English - Romanian - governor Pronunciation
n. guvernator, guvernant, conducător, cârmuitor, comandant, director, administrator, boier, guvernator al unei colonii, regulator de presiune, şef, tată
English - Russian - governor Pronunciation
с. правитель, губернатор, комендант, начальник, заведующий, хозяин
English - Turkish - governor Pronunciation
i. vali, eyalet valisi [amer.], yönetici, müdür (banka, hapishane), patron, baba, bey
English - Ukrainian - governor Pronunciation
n. правитель, губернатор, комендант
English - Dutch - governor Pronunciation
zn. gouverneur; bestuurder, president
English - Greek - governor Pronunciation
ουσ. νομάρχης, τοποτηρητής, κυβερνήτης, ρυθμιστής
English - Arabic - governor Pronunciation
‏الحاكم، المحافظ، ضبط الضغط في السيارة، المدير، مدير مؤسسة، حاكم، محافظ، منظم‏
English - Chinese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 州长; 主管; 总督; 董事
English - Chinese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 州長; 主管; 總督; 董事
English - Hindi - governor Pronunciation
n. शासक, राज्य-पाल, नियंत्रक
English - Japanese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 知事(米国); 自動的に速さを調節する装置(機械)
English - Korean - governor Pronunciation
명. 통치자; 지사, 주지사(미국); 조속기, 자동적으로 속도를 조절하는 장치(기계)
English - Vietnamese - governor Pronunciation
n. kẻ thống trị, thống đốc, thống sứ, toàn quyền, thủ hiến, thống đốc ngân hàng, giám đốc trại trừng giới, máy điều chỉnh, điều tiết

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Synonyms for governor
1. administrator: presiding officer, executive officer, director, ruler
2. executive head of a state
3. mechanical device: butterfly valve