n. one who governs; executive head of a state (USA); device which automatically regulates speed (Machinery)
English - Spanish - governor Pronunciation
s. gobernador, alcaide, bajá, bajalato
English - French - governor Pronunciation
n. gouverneur, supérieur; régulateur (d'une voiture)
English - German - governor Pronunciation
n. Herrscher; Gouverneur; Leiter; Ventil; Regler
English - Italian - governor Pronunciation
s. governatore; sovraintendente; (sl) padrone, capo, (fam) principale; (sl) padre; (Mecc) regolatore
English - Portuguese - governor Pronunciation
s. governador; tutor; regulador (de carro)
English - Russian - governor Pronunciation
с. правитель, губернатор, комендант, начальник, заведующий, хозяин
English - Turkish - governor Pronunciation
i. vali, eyalet valisi [amer.], yönetici, müdür (banka, hapishane), patron, baba, bey
English - Albanian - governor Pronunciation
n. guvernator, drejtor, kryetar, rregullator shpejtësie
English - Dutch - governor Pronunciation
zn. gouverneur; bestuurder, president
English - Greek - governor Pronunciation
ουσ. νομάρχης, τοποτηρητής, κυβερνήτης, ρυθμιστής
English - Chinese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 州长; 主管; 总督; 董事
English - Chinese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 州長; 主管; 總督; 董事
English - Japanese - governor Pronunciation
(名) 知事(米国); 自動的に速さを調節する装置(機械)
English - Korean - governor Pronunciation
명. 통치자; 지사, 주지사(미국); 조속기, 자동적으로 속도를 조절하는 장치(기계)
noun: a control that maintains a steady speed in a machine (as by controlling the supply of fuel)
noun: the head of a state government
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Synonyms for governor
1. administrator: presiding officer, executive officer, director, ruler
2. executive head of a state
3. mechanical device: butterfly valve