Definition of gregarine Pronunciation
1. Any of various sporozoan protozoans, that are parasitic in the digestive tracts of some invertebrates.
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English - Spanish - gregarine Pronunciation
s. gregarina (tipo de parásito)
English - French - gregarine Pronunciation
n. grégarine (espèce de parasite)
English - German - gregarine Pronunciation
n. Gregarine (Parasitenart)
English - Italian - gregarine Pronunciation
s. tipo di parassita
English - Portuguese - gregarine Pronunciation
s. tipo de parasita
English - Dutch - gregarine Pronunciation
zn. gregarine (soort parasiet)
English - Chinese - gregarine Pronunciation
(名) 簇虫
English - Chinese - gregarine Pronunciation
(名) 簇蟲
English - Japanese - gregarine Pronunciation
(名) 簇虫

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